Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time to Head Back
It’s Wednesday morning and we are drawing near to our departure from Yokota AB. Eric had his doctor appointment yesterday morning, the main reason we came here. I dropped Etta off at daycare in hopes of having the entire day to do shopping. Of course when I dropped her off I was told I need to pick her up by 1pm since she had an appointment she had to make at 1:30. By, I was planning on shopping at the BXtra, BX, Commissary, the post office, the Shoppette, and the movie store. Hmmm, that left me 4 hours minus the time I had to wait to get Eric. What can you do, we’ll make it work.
I had to wait an hour at the doctor’s office with Chloe because they were running behind schedule with Eric. Eric was gracious enough to keep Chloe for me while I did as much shopping as I could before Etta needed to be picked up. My first stop was the post office where ten packages were waiting for us. Unfortunately several things we were really looking for weren’t there yet: a huge order from Old Navy, rain boots from Piperlime, Etta’s bike seat, and a box set of Japanimation. We don’t have plans to come back until Christmas time so we are really bummedLAfter the post office I went right to the commissary to get the huge order filled. I try making a menu for about a month and get as much as I can of the dry stuff, cans, and what not needed. We pick up enough milk to get us through two weeks too. I was there for 90 minutes and had to leave to pick up Etta. I didn’t even finish the shopping list! That tells you how much we were picking up.
I picked up Etta and took back the few cold things I got to our room on base. Etta wanted to hang out with daddy and Chloe so I went back to the main base to finish shopping. It was so nice to be without the girls for several hours. The highlight of my shopping trip was the strawberries and grapes. The grapes on the local economy are not that good and extremely expensive. First of all, most grapes have seeds. Then, a large portion of the grapes you can’t eat the skins. Who thought of that??? You’d think the variety of grapes we eat in America would be preferred here, but it’s not the case. So, I picked up three 16oz packages of strawberries and only about 1.5 left. The huge back of grapes are half done too. I’m thinking of picking up a little more before we actually leave the base. It’s funny how we grow accustomed to something and when it’s been a month, two, or even three since having it you treat it like gold!
Eric and I keep talking about how we’d really like being stationed here. It has all the conveniences of American but in Japan which we really like. Eric said he’ll try getting a flying job here for our next assignment. Wonder what the odds are? Well, we are finalizing our packing to head back to Shizuoka. Oh, I hope the drive back is better this time!

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Jamie said...

good luck! i'll pray for healthy tummies and good naps..