Friday, October 17, 2008

A Post Without Pictures- Gasp
I know these ones are no good for the grandmas and such, but I wanted to touch base on a few things. The girls are sleeping so I'll type as much as I can.
Ok, I just realized something about speaking another language, other than it's tough. People in America make fun of Asians because 'R's are hard for them to say. Instead of sounding like rice it comes out lice. Well, here in Japan I'm like the Asian in America. In Japanese they have Ra Ri Ru Re Ro Rya Ryu Rye Ryo and I say them pretty much like any other American would and it's wrong. It's a cross between an R and an L sound and I'm having the hardest time saying it correctly. My Japanese instructor is working with me each class period with several words trying to get me to say it right. I want to keep curling my tongue to make it more of an R sound when I should be just flicking the tongue and making more of a short L sound. But, for now I've come to terms with the fact I'm just going to sound like a foreigner. I suppose it goes with the fact that I don't blend in either.
Ok, enough dwelling on my speaking abilities or lack there of. Aya took me to my local supermarket and I got to ask her a lot of questions. Like, "what is that?", "what do you do with that?", "is it any good?". It was fun. I have to admit they have things in the produce section I've never seen before and would have no idea what to do with. I have been adventurous in the fruit section though. Persimmons are extremely popular so after I found out what they were called I found them at the store and picked up a bunch. If you've never had one, find them and try them. You cut them in half, scoop out the flesh and eat it with a spoon. Kind of the way we eat kiwi. The flesh is like a cantaloupe and tastes mild with a slight hint of honey. Very good. I've also taken a liking to figs. I got Etta to eat one just after buying them, but now she isn't interested. They sure get their fill of bananas though (even if they cost $2 for a bunch of 4).
Aya also pointed out a lot of different fish products that are her favorite and that we should try. I haven't been bold enough to get the young sardines to make rice balls. I'm just a little squeamish with some of the stuff you can buy and cook there. If I only knew ahead of time if I'd like it or not, I'd try it. But she was able to pick out the type of nori she uses on rice balls so I picked up two different packets to see which the girls like the most. Which ended up being the plain toasted nori versus the soy sauce flavored nori. However, Chloe eats either of them. But then again she eats almost anything.
On other news, we were invited to a dinner party on Tuesday and was so much fun. The young missionary couple who lives in our neighborhood is friends with our realtor and his wife as well as another couple who owns a local restaurant. They were all invited for dinner at the O'Donnell house as well as us. The restaurant owner brought and cooked all the food and I have to admit it was wonderful. He had a huge tray of assorted sushi, a slightly different spaghetti, miso soup, and another pasta dish with salmon and mushrooms in a cream sauce. Holy mackerel it was good. Gochisosamadeshita (which means It was a feast!). Not to mention the restaurant owner makes his own gelato from milk from family cows and it was divine! We got the pumpkin flavored one (known as Kabocha in Japan) which was good but got to try the chocolate which was oh so good. I didn't understand most of the Japanese unless it was just general stuff like this is good, this is my favorite, how old is so in so, and the like. But, we had a great time. Not to mention our realtor and his wife entertained all the kids for a good chunk of the night. We didn't get home until after 9pm and the kids were asleep in no time. I think they both slept in well past 9am the next morning. It was so much fun. We hope to go to their restaurant soon and sample more of his cooking.
I would type more random stuff about Japan and life here, but my rice cooker just beeped and I need to make some rice balls to take on our hike this morning. I am in the process of getting pictures of the house, so hopefully soon I can show what each room looks like.

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Jen said...

I think we would starve there. Dan is such a picky eater, I am allergic to stuff and I won't eat things that live in water!! I do like rice though. :)