Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our Weekend Ride
We took the kids and our bikes in the opposite direction Saturday in hopes of finding the oh so popular park with a gigantic boat. We didn't know exactly where we were going so it took us about 45 minutes of biking along the coast as well as some major streets, but we got there! There is a gigantic ship the kids can play on plus tons of slides and other normal playground activities. It's wonderful!
Here is Eric and the girls walking the bridge
My brave Etta

More of the playground, Chloe loves to slide
Etta loves playing with her daddy
Another part of the park had a little water area. None of the kids were in swimsuits so we let Etta play in her panties and a spare shirt and for some odd reason we had a swim diaper in my bag and Chloe got to use that. All was right in the world after that! What is it with water and kids anyway?
Chloe just had to climb the stairs too, very dangerous for her short legs
It only took us 30 minutes to get home. We found a faster way home and we went a good speed the entire time, minus going up our hill. Good exercise. Next weekend we want to go for a hike. Hope we can find something not too strenuous carrying the kids on our backs.
Here's us at home. I tend to be where the kids congregate. I always ask Eric, "Why me?" a lot these days. I'm sure you other moms know what I mean. I go to the bathroom and the follow me, I go to the shower room and the kids try to follow me, I go up the stairs and they scream at the gate for me. To be loved can be a bit annoying!
The next post will be all about our Japanese appliances. Stay tuned!


Jill said...

The boat looks like an amazing place. What is the weather like there?

Debbie'sDailyDose said...

The boat does look totally fun! And even though I don't have kids, I watch my sister's kids...and I know what you mean about kids following you. I can't seem to get anything done quick enough when I'm babysitting...but you gotta love them :o)

The Khaje Khronicles said...

what an awesome playground/area! Glad you are getting out and having fun exploring!

I know what you mean about being loved a little too much at times. lol But it's so worth it.

Vicki said...

Oh, the joys of going to the bathroom alone. :) That boat looks like fun! Does your bike trailer have room for both the girls?