Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Saturday Morning Out
Eric bikes 30 minutes to school and he happened to see two possible hiking areas. We ventured to one of them this past Saturday. We strapped the kid carriers onto Eric's bike and put the kids in the bike trailer and made our way to the head of the trail. We parked the bikes and the girls got into their respective carriers and we were off. We had no idea where the trail went or for how long, so we planned ahead of time with a packed lunch. The girls always get hungry when we go out and don't bring anything, we were prepared this time.
I'm not used to carrying so much weight, so carrying Chloe plus lunch and drinks was pretty tiring. But, it was excellent exercise which is what I could use. Eric read kanji on one of the signs basically saying clearing ahead. So, we were excited with anticipation. I envisioned a meadow reminiscent of the meadow in Bambi where the kids could get out and run around while Eric and I watched from a far then have our nice lunch. We came to a little rest area and kept going. We came to another rest area another 15 minutes later and kept going. Soon, the path wasn't kept up at all and we were running into a lot of spiderwebs. Sure enough, we come to a highway. No signs of the path continuing. So, the little rest stop was the open area? I suppose I had dreams of grandeur. We went back to the first rest stop since it was shaded. Us pale people watch for those kind of things.
I had made and packed a bunch of different rice balls. Salmon filled triangles wrapped in nori for Eric and I, salmon filled balls for Chloe as well as salmon, sesame seed, and rice mixed balls, and then Etta gets the plain old rice ball. She's kind of picky at the moment. Here are several pictures of our rest stop.

Chloe checking our all the steps
I found a pine cone!
Chloe is eating one of her many rice balls. She's a good eater at the moment.

Rice ball in the left hand, nori in the right
Etta put the entire piece of nori in her mouth like it's a delicacy. She's so funny.
Shoving the whole rice ball in her mouth

Just a little rice
It took several minutes for her to finally swallow it!
The whole hike including lunch was maybe only an hour and a half, but biking was a nice addition to the hike. We're hoping to find another good trail to bike to and take the kids with us. At least Etta walked down the path so I didn't have to carry Chloe, she's so chunky (pocha pocha).
I would write more but the kids are getting into trouble. I'll try a blog just about rice balls soon.


Vicki said...

So before I visit Japan, I should probably learn to like rice balls. :)

That looks like a fun place to let the girls go up & down the steps.

Christy said...

Vicki, rice balls are pretty easy to eat, especially without the nori. Some things here are an aquired taste though. Living here again I've realized that there is a little of everything and everyone would find something they'd eat. It's not all sushi! But rice is HUGE here.