Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Japanese Appliances
We were able to get all of our new appliances in with our monthly rent. Otherwise we would have spent a small fortune getting air conditioners, washer and dryer, microwave convection over, refrigerator, and even a rice cooker. We lucked out. We have traditional appliances and all the instructions and buttons are in Japanese. Of course. I'm still working on how to use them. For the most part I just do the basics, like microwave on, washing machine start, dryer start, and so on. I know I could program things better, but you have to know how to read all the knobs first! I may have my Japanese teacher go through them with me one lesson. That way I can set the rice cooker to have the rice done at 5pm, just in case we're out all day. Or to have the washing machine was a delicate cycle. Maybe even use defrost on the microwave. I wish I could read and speak Japanese, life would be a lot more convenient.
Here is our kitchen. It's more of a hallway or an alley which is very common here. One thing that is really cool about the kitchen is on the floor. There are two doors that you can open and store food that you can't fit anywhere in the kitchen. It's basically our back up pantry for all our spare things or for our large items that don't fit anywhere else. Cabinets are small here since everything you buy here is so small. You can see the side of the fridge, just past that is the washer and dryer, straight ahead is the microwave convection oven, to the right is the stove top and sink. We have very little counter space which makes it fun to make a meal. Here's our Japanese fridge. The top two doors are for the fridge. The next drawer down on the left is the ice cube container with a little scoop. It's so cute. Everything else is really for produce storage except the bottom drawer is the freezer.
Here's our fridge full of American stuff, always fun to fit onto short shelves
Here's the washing machine. It's really small but doesn't have an agitator so it holds a good sized load.
The dryer is right above the washing machine and is not common in Japan. It holds very few things and uses a lot of electricity (= lots of money). Everything gets hung out to dry outside when it's not raining. If something doesn't dry by night time it goes in the dryer, we don't want moldy clothes! We use lots of fabric softener to keep the clothes from going stiff during the drying process. This is our microwave/convection oven which gets the most use and has 30 different cooking options. I know about 2: starting the microwave and heating the oven. Of course it's in Celsius so I am always looking at a conversion chart in a cookbook of mine. It's pretty darn small, but we haven't had a problem yet. However, when you need to microwave something at the same time as the oven, you have to improvise.

Here's our three burner stove top.
It even has a spot to grill fish. We haven't used it, but I think it won't be long before we try.
Here's our dishwasher, I mean our sink. It's so pathetic. I purposely blocked the drain cause it's just gross. There are all the dishes drying. One less thing I have to do if I have a drying rack. I have dishpan hands!
Here's our compost...oh so beautiful. Just had to show you since I could upload pictures today. It's going well now.

I didn't get a picture of my rice cooker since it wasn't out when taking pictures. I'll get one up at some point in time. I can do an entire blog just on rice so I'll include it then. Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of the kitchen and all my new appliances. Just remember the next time you complain about your kitchen think of mine.


Vicki said...

That's a really cute kitchen - love the storage in the floor. I've never even heard of that. Don't feel bad about your counter space. I have lots of it, but as the week goes on, it gets cluttered and end up with very little also. :)

The Khaje Khronicles said...

I love your kitchen! The fridge is great, it reminds me of the fridges on the food network channel. The storage in the floor is an awesome idea! At least you dont' have alot of surfaces to keep clean and clutter free!

Miss you.

Mrs.Out There said...

Oh... I am so sympathetic about the foreign-language appliances. Eventually you will figure them out. i think. I have a german washer that I still don't understand.

I looked at your fridge shot and felt so wistful. I see Johnsonville sausage and realemon... Sigh! YUM!

Joe said...

Oh, the memories keep flooding back when I read your blogs! I could never figure out the lack of counter space. You CAN get little mesh bags to put in your sink drain to catch gunk since there are no garbage disposals. You empty it out when it gets full. Still gross but very Japanese! Take a picture of your appliance buttons and ask your teacher about them. The start button is the most vital, though, so you're doing great!