Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hike Up to a Shrine

We were told that we had to hike up the 1159 steps to a really old shrine just 25 minutes by bike from our house. We took Chloe's carrier and biked our way to the bottom of the stairs. We were hoping Etta would walk all the way up rather than have to be carried and we lucked out, she did. We went painfully slow, but it was better than me carrying her up all the way, which she had insisted several times and I refused. Horrible mommy.
After all the switchbacks and uneven steps (which made me think of the great wall of China) we made it to the top. It was lunch time so we pulled out the variety of rice balls we had picked up at the convenience store at the bottom of the hill. More on rice balls on a later post. Eric and I didn't end up with much after Etta and Chloe finished off almost three between the two of them. That left Eric and I one! Here's a picture of our chunky Chloe after lunch.
The Japanese would call her Pocha Pocha for chunky

We were relaxing here after our little bento (lunch)

Once we were done with lunch Chloe was acting pretty tired, so we didn't even go into the shrine. Yeah, it's like driving to Disneyland to look at the front but not to go in. Oh well. We figured we would pay to get in and the kids would melt down. We just didn't want that to happen, so we headed back down. We had to entice Etta with her favorite lemon soda (C.C. Lemon) to get her to walk back down. Every other switch back she could have a sip. It worked, she made it down to the bottom by herself. I carried Chloe to get a little exercise and give Eric a break.
This is a nice view of the ocean from near the top.

These are what the stairs looked like going up to the top

It was a beautiful walk, poor Chloe didn't see anything on the trip down (she's asleep)
The tree below was massive and just neat to look at. Etta guzzled her soda while we took a photo opportunity.

Here we are at the bottom of the hill at the Torii Gate. We feel bad for not going into the Shrine, but hopefully we'll get another chance before leaving here. It's hard because the girls don't appreciate things like this yet. They just want to go to parks and watch their favorite shows on the TV. You just can't make a little toddler appreciate living in a foreign country:(


Jill said...

Goodness, all that work and you did not get to go in the shrine. At least you got some good exercise!!

Tara said...

Wow, what a hike! You amaze me...

I liked the comment about Pocha funny! That's what the Japanese would call me