Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting to Yokota
It’s Monday night, 10:10pm, we’re at Yokota and no internet signal to steal. What a bummer! Yokota is three hours from Shizuoka but in reality it’s all day long. While Eric was at school today I got everything ready for our two day trip. I washed two loads and hung them to dry. Folded them, but never made it to the appropriate rooms. Packed the kids clothes, diapers, toys, books, food for the ride and following days, oh and a few things for myself as well. Then Eric came home from school to help get everything packed and then I had my Japanese lesson for two hours. Finished my lesson at 5:30pm and was out of the house at 6. The kids were immediately given rice balls to keep them quite for a small chunk of time. It worked well, Etta fell asleep half way through her second helping and Chloe was as content as can be eating and watching Nemo. Then, it was all down hill from there.
Chloe became grumpy and in my typical manor to keep her quite while Etta sleeps I keep giving her food. It seems to work for awhile but then the crying starts, then the screaming. After about 30 minutes Etta wakes up and I give up. Eric drives and I just stare ahead praying that it will stop. Well, at about the hour mark Chloe is beyond hope and then she starts throwing up. Not just a little spit up, but full force, everything in her stomach is coming out. Etta managed to come out unscathed, but Chloe is a wreck. We are on the expressway and really don’t want to stop. Don’t need to now, she just fell asleep. I guess she was whining the entire time because she wasn’t feeling well. The snacks backfired, literally.
As Chloe falls asleep Etta starts to whine. She didn’t want to watch Emperor’s New Groove. Her tummy hurts. She wants to sit in my lap. That continued until we got to the base gate. So, the first 30 minutes and the last 15 minutes were the only peaceful part of the 3 hour long drive. Eric and I are sitting, relaxing, and will be heading to bed momentarily.
I’ll try blogging more. I have most of the pictures of our house taken, just a few more of the upstairs and front and I will be ready to post. Hope all is well.

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