Thursday, October 02, 2008

Eric's 1st Day of School

Eric is currently at his first class of the semester. Woops, not anymore. made it as far as the pictures and now it's the next day. Ok, so let's back up. Eric had his first day of class yesterday and it's about Japanese history I believe focusing on one particular time period, seeing as their history is pretty long. Eric said he understood several words and that's about all for the 90 minute lecture. So, he talked with his professor after class about it and he'll be sending Eric his lecture notes before hand so he can learn the new kanji before class. Hope his Japanese language class goes better Monday.
I've had two Japanese lessons since my last blog and I know a little more Japanese. She's really working on my tone. Words fluctuate up and down and I'm not saying what I do know properly. So, not only do I have to know the words but I have to know how to say them. da DA da da. For example. It's a lot to remember, but Eric has it worse. He was taught to speak flat and now he's got to learn the correct tone for everything! I found out that the same word means two different things depending on how you say it. Kaki from low to high means persimmon but from high to low means oyster. How complicated!
Anyway, here are several pictures of the girls playing at the temp living facilities in Yokota just before leaving. It's almost a shame to do a post without some kind of picture. Pictures of the house soon!

Push ups made harder

No more fun!
There first cushion tunnel


The Khaje Khronicles said...

I think that it's totally cool that ya'll get to live in Japan and learn the language properly!

I've been mentioning to Steve that I'd like to learn Arabic (speaking). I'm not sure if I want to learn to write and read it yet. lol

I'll be praying that your class and Eric's history class get better and better.

Love the pics of the girls! How are they doing? They will pick up the Japanese quickly!

Vicki said...

I eat lunch with a very diverse set of people (Chinese, Indian, Korean), and we talk a lot about their language and the different words and tones. It's SO complicated! And they usually have a hard time translating things into English for me, so that makes it even more difficult. So I salute you guys for learning such a difficult language!

I miss the girls - I won't be able to see them for a long time! :(