Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Starting Young
I remember growing up I specifically liked playing with my moms array or perfumes. Surely I played with her make up if she let me. Etta has always been fascinated with my make up case. It doesn't help that I usually put it on in front of her and Chloe which makes it all the more tempting. So, I let them rummage it and here are some of the results.

Chloe tries opening everything and putting it anywhere it can go, no method as of yet

She enjoys taking make up out and trying to put it back in, Etta mastered this skill much earlier on

Darn eye pencil won't go back in!

Just a little more lipstick and I'll be done

How do I look?

I actually did her eyebrows, she was originally penciling in her forehead and just couldn't let that continue any longer

I've seen mom use these before on her eyebrows...ouch I pulled out some of my normal hair
"Now Chloe, this make up is for your eyes and you use this mirror to make sure it's done right".

Hope you enjoyed some cute photos.


Jen said...

Cute. Jade loves makeup too! Are the girls dressing up for Halloween? (Do they have Halloween there??)

Lysandra said...

Etta's hair is getting so long. It's beautiful. Both of the girls are growing so fast.

Jill said...

I hope that is your cheap make-up.. :) Cute pics. . .