Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Park to Play At

Last week we ventured off to find a park recommended to us by friends of ours. We actually drove this time, which we were bummed about. We like biking for exercise plus it saves us on the nearly $7 a gallon of gas here. But, it was worth the drive. We should have taken more pictures of the park for you to have an idea of how great it is. We'll start with it's best features, the slides! The first slide needs some serious WD40 because all the rollers are hard to move so you get a real upper body work out trying to roll to the bottom of the slide. Eric actually had to get off half way because it was more work than fun for him and Chloe.

Now here's the best slide of all. It takes several minutes to get down and we enjoyed it almost as much as the kids did. It's another roller slide so your bummed feels messaged afterwards, but is so much fun with all the twists and turns. I'm looking forward to going back just for this slide in particular.
However, both the girls seem to really enjoy the spaceship slide. It's short, but it's slick and fast. They went down this one the most. It was more difficult getting to the top with the kids since the stairs were so narrow. But, they had a blast. As you'll see by glowing faces in the pictures below.
A little control center at top
Etta enjoying her slide

Chloe looked like she was in fear the entire time, but she kept signaling she wanted to go again, and again, and again (you get the picture).

There was also two more zip lines, and Eric had fun taking the girls across this one. The girls didn't mind either. This one is of Etta and Eric.

Chloe holding on tight
That's all for now, I hear Chloe making noise. Tons of posts to come. We just hiked up to a really old shrine the other day. Yesterday I went to a supermarket with Aya and had things pointed out to me. Then last night we had dinner with several Japanese couples. Oh so much to talk about. Soon.


Cams said...

It has been too long since I stopped to check on you and the family and you have posted like crazy! I was trying to catch up.=)
I am so glad to see that you are making the best of this new phase of life and enjoying all that you can. Those parks look great.
Yes, rice is sticky, good luck. Thet only thing I can share is that if you let it dry, it sweeps up.=)
Interesting read on garbage. My dad has had a compost pit for many years and I think he uses it as fertilizer in his garden soil. Good points in your write up.
Have a great day and know that I am only absent temporarily.=)

klstowe said...

Wow, all those parks you've mentioned have some really cool and unique things! I've never seen anything like that in the states. I can just imagine taking the kids that I used to work with there for field trips :)

Lysandra said...

I find it interesting that at the park, the space shuttle had "United States" on it. Girls are getting so big!

Vicki said...

Looks like fun! Seems like Japan is really into big parks for the family. Are they ever really busy?

The Khaje Khronicles said...

What a great park! It's so cool that they have plenty of places to have fun at. Wow! $7 a gallon of gas.

Jen said...

You have the coolest parks out there! I love that they are each unique (unlike most of the parks in Phoenix - they all seem to order from the same catalog!)