Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our First Family Outing

We had our first family outing this past week to the local zoo. While we were house hunting I met a Japanese lady at the local appliance store. She has a year and a half year old daughter and our kids just started playing with each other in the store. She has a little English and I have a little Japanese and we were able to trade phone numbers. Shortly after we were settled in Eric called and asked if she'd like to go to the zoo with us. Eric was mainly going as a translator for us. Plus, the zoos always fun.
My new friend's name is Aya and her daughter's name is Riko. She speaks more English than she gives herself credit. I can understand her when she tries to talk with me. I unfortunately don't have a large enough vocabulary to convey a lot of my thoughts to her in Japanese. Hopefully that will change while we are here. Anyway, here are some highlights of our trip to the zoo which is just a 10 minute drive away from our house.
Who would pass up an opportunity to swing on a rope?
One of the few pictures of animals we took. This is a year old Polar Bear. He was napping while we were there.

Our wagon draws a lot of attention to us. Actually, maybe it's all the red hair and the wagon is just a side thought. I don't think they have anything like this here, and if they do it isn't very common. Lots of people come over to check it out...maybe they use that as an excuse to stare at the kids.

Chloe thinks she's such a big girl
Just couldn't get the timing right on this one.
The elephants were a lot closer than normal
Giraffes in the background, but the kids are cuter!
The one little slide at the zoo and we were there for at least 20 minutes
Chloe has to do everything her sister does, even if it involves bumps and bruises
Aya and I are supposed to get together again this coming week for another play date at a park. I think she'd like help with her English and I obviously need help with my Japanese so we should be good for each other. Plus, the kids are having such a great time with other kids.
Speaking of kids, I hear Chloe waking up from her nap. Wow, that was short. The next 5 hours are going to be tough! More pictures and stories to come.

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The Khaje Khronicles said...

WOW! Chloe has changed alot in just the past 3 months! Is she walking?! It was great seeing pics of you and your girls and your new friends. Lyv was looking at the pics with me and asking to play with Etta. :-) Will you be near a place where you can go to church or a Bible study? Could I get a mailing address for you, please?

Miss you girl!