Monday, September 15, 2008

Movie Monday
It's Monday here, and figured it was high time I did one of these posts. We haven't 'rented' a movie in such a long time that it's been a little difficult to do one of these posts. However, we rented a movie just the other day and had to write about it. I had seen a preview for it at some point in time and was interested, but I remembered that it was up for quite a few awards so I thought There Will Be Blood could be a good movie.
We really like Daniel Day-Lewis (minus the Gangs of New York) and had hopes for it. However, we should have thought of Gangs of New York when at the convenience store and left it behind! It was one of those movies that you keep telling yourself it has to get better, then it's over. Eric kept asking me where I thought the conflict would come in and I kept saying maybe it's a movie about inner conflict. Yep, that was pretty much it. It's about a man that digs oil for a living and basically how ruthless he is. That's the story. Oh, and the score to the movie is really annoying. It's a violin on just screeching the entire time. I hate that. So, if you see this movie at the rental sore and wonder if it's any good...just pass it up and pick up anything else (except Duece Bigalow: European Gigolo).
What have you seen recently and let me know if you'd suggest seeing it. Anything accessible from the internet is better for us!


Vicki said...

I think the last movie I saw in the theater was Batman, which I highly suggest if you can ever get your hands on it in Japan. And we've been watching a lot of Pixar movies, like Cars and Finding Nemo. Justice has taken a liking to them recently. It's nice to watch something besides Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Christy said...

Hot dog, Hot dog, Hot digidy dog. Ok, as soon as I read Mickey Mouse club the song went through my mind. I'm glad to hear she is branching out to other things now. Etta loves Disney movies. She goes through a faze where she'll only watch one movie until she is tired of it and won't watch it again for months. I haven't seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang since leaving Monterey! We are on Pocahontas (how do you spell that?) right now. It gets so old.

Tara said...

It's not really a movie, but we're in the middle of watching Band of Brothers. Wow! It's really great. We just love's hard to limit 2 episodes a night. I could easily stay up all night watching the whole series. If you liked Saving Private Ryan, you'd like this! :-)

Christy said...

We have seen Band of Brothers and you are right, it's hard not to sit and just keep watching them. It didn't take us long to finish the whole set. Good pick! I love Ron Livingston.

KBG said...

Oh, see, I liked There Will Be Blood. It really was about his descent into madness, and it was fascinating for me. DDL is such a good actor - it's unbelievable to watch him in anything, he completely becomes the character.

We watched Stardust not too long ago and we really liked it. It was much like The Princess Bride in its spoofiness. Entertaining.