Monday, September 01, 2008

More of California
We did quite a bit in Oceanside, it mainly surrounded going to the beach. Below is a picture of Eric and Chloe, she wasn't interested playing in the the sprinkler like her sister was. Daddy comforted her.

Etta had so much fun in the water. She ended up going out as far as I could go with her on my shoulders. The waves just made her laugh,
Not too sure about the salt water though.

Chloe was hesitant, but had a lot of fun!
Her ears are just now free or sand. Her swimsuit however, will never be the same.

So much for a 'doll' stroller
Etta loves books

Again in the doll stroller

Great Grandma taking Chloe for a ride

Etta's turn
The Winterbottom's and Easts
Great Grandma with the great grand kids
Great Grandma with the grandsons
Funny faces Etta with her cousin Allen

grand kids together
Dave and Maggi with the grand kids
That about wraps up our trip to California. Now, I need to start taking pictures of Japan. Nothing exciting her on base though. No new news on our house in Shizuoka. We are bored and are ready to move to Shizuoka.
Upcoming posts about the Japanese Costco and my first Japanese friend Aya.


Tara said...

Adorable pictures as usual! :-) That first one of Eric and Chloe is precious.

Cams said...

Fun seeing the pics and I agree with your friend, Tara... the first pic is fantastic!

Glad you have arrived safe! Good luck shopping and getting the feel of a new place.

Miki said...

Christy and Eric: Welcome to Shizuoka! Hope you two are doing well. Your pictures and daily diaries are fantastic! Scott and I wish you well in Japan...sure wish we could be there right now.

Love Scott and Miki