Saturday, September 06, 2008

Keeping Busy
So much to post, and so little time on the computer. Eric is spending most of his time on the computer for ACSC so that doesn't leave me much time to email or blog. So, I'm going to keep this one short.
The first week we were here at Yokota Eric accidentally drove us to the wrong tower. There are several towers all next to each other and our Temp Living Facility (TLF) is right in the middle. Eric accidentally dropped us and the groceries off at the next one over. We noticed the elevator had different buttons than normal so I was wondering what was going on. Once we got to our floor we knew we were at the wrong building. When we were exciting through the basement again there was a pile of books, clothing, and toys just scattered about. Of course I had no intention of going through the pile but Etta had spotted something and was going in. There were several dress up items and she wanted them. Eric was reluctant to taking something hanging out on the floor of a basement building, but Etta wanted them and we have next to no toys with us. Eric said yes. So, Etta has been playing dress up as often as she can. We stopped at the BXtra (the BX doesn't have enough room for some departments so there is another building on base that has furniture, camping equipment, and toys) and picked up several pairs of play shoes and Etta is in seventh heaven.
Here are several cute pictures of Etta playing dress up.

She seems to like the pink one the most, even though it's the biggest one of the two. We did splurge and pick up several other toys for them. However, we'll be getting our shipments next Friday after we move in (with the grace of God) and the girls will have plenty of toys to play with. We don't want to go overboard.
I still have tons to post, including our recent trip to the zoo. We were planning on going to Tokyo Disney tomorrow but Eric has said he'd rather wait to the end of our stay here in Japan. He worries that the girls will make us miserable the entire time because of naps and being tired. Which, he's right. So, the girls will appreciate it more when they are 4.5 and 3 years old. Sorry you'll have to wait for pictures for another two years!
On another note, I've messed up my neck. My back and neck has been bothering me since arriving, but nothing serious until yesterday. Not sure if it's a pinched nerve or if I just tweaked something. Eric is going to make me an appointment today to see a doctor on base. Hope he can give me some muscle relaxers. I can't even move my neck! Pray for speedy recovery.


Tara said...

Cute pictures of Etta!

I hope your neck feels better soon, and the doctor can help. I'll be praying for you!

Jill said...

I hope you are feeling better!! cute pics

Vicki said...

Etta is so cute in those dress up clothes!!!

Jen said...

Awww...that is so cute! Jade loves to dress up too. Last year after Halloween I bought a couple clearance costumes (fairy, princess) for her.

I hope you are feeling better!