Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Weekend
We had our first dinner guests in our new house this past weekend. This is an American couple that lives in the same neighborhood and they put us up for a couple of days while we were house hunting. They also have an 18 month old little boy names Jones. It's great to have friends moving to a new place. So, the house is in good enough condition to have people over to entertain (which means we should have pictures of the place soon).
The O'Donnells

Etta loves Jones, she pulled him onto her blanket. She's going to be trouble in the future.
Something got there attention outside. Here's part of the toy room (tattami room)
Saturday Eric wanted to take the girls and I for a bike ride to see how long it would take to get to the preschool. It only took us 15 minutes! Of course it was perfect conditions outside plus Eric was pulling the girls, so surely it will take me several more minutes until I get into better shape. Luckily it's a nice ride along the ocean. Just a several minutes are on a main road from our neighborhood to the ocean. So, I wouldn't be nervous about riding the girls to school and back twice a day.

Eric had said there was a park just off the ocean if we kept going. Well, we rode for several miles and finally found a park and had a great time.

The bike path off the ocean. It's surprisingly not that busy.

The bike trailer draws a lot of attention. It's common here for women to have bike seats for the kids on the bike. Even two, one in front and one in back. But, I think it is going to be against the law soon. So I wonder if bike trailers may become more common in the near future. This is off the subject, but I wonder if this is one of the reasons couples are having smaller families. It's just difficult to have more than one kid around here. Most people get around by bike and if you can't take two kids on your bike that really only leaves you with the option of having one kid or driving. Driving is a little more difficult here because many places doing have parking or if they do you have to pay to park. More on that on another post.
Here's the park we found, I think Eric had as much fun as the kids if not more! Etta really wanted to do the zip line so Eric ended up riding it quite a few times.

Eric is all about equal opportunity with the girls, plus he got to go on the zip line one more time!

Chloe looking cute as always

One of those shots that just turned out real nice

This thing was way cool, it looked like a spinning top and that pretty much what it is. Etta enjoyed standing a spinning, luckily it didn't go too fast for her. It was funny watching her when she got off. Slightly dizzy!

I'm a little bigger and went a lot faster than Etta. Eric had to stop me!

Chloe was tired by this time. The ramen shop was just a few minutes away. Etta had fun eating a little udon from me and ramen from Eric. Chloe wasn't interested in anything. She was just so tired. We also ordered ice cream cones that we delicious! Of course, for $3.50 each they better be. Eric got to have several conversations while we were there. Of course we drew lots of attention to ourselves. One couple came over to use and said something (I didn't understand) and Eric started a conversation with her. I understood some of it and when she was leaving I told her her son was cute (he was two). So, all the gawkers knew Eric understood Japanese and were very open to talking with him. They were all so friendly with the kids too, what service! It was right off the ocean too, so it felt like we were in Hawaii or something. Hopefully we can ride down there every once in awhile.
As a side note, several people told Eric that the girls looked like dolls. I wouldn't understand that if I heard it. It makes sense, the Japanese all look the same and then they see two fair skinned golden haired girls (they don't call us red heads but golden haired). Let me just preface it again, we get stared at a lot!
Well, I start my Japanese lessons today so I will spend more free time studying rather than blogging. Hope I'll be able to update every couple of days though. Hope you enjoyed the post and pictures!


Vicki said...

Wow, it sounds like you guys are doing great! Have the girls adjusted to the new time zone? Good luck in your Japanese class!

The Khaje Khronicles said...

I'm so glad ya'll are making friends and have plenty of fun things to do! Miss you. Have fun in your Japanese class!

Jen said...

I love reading your blog - it's fun to hear what you "golden hair" people are up to, and the reactions you get from the locals!

Tara said...

What fun! The park and the ocean look wonderful. I love reading about your experiences there! It looks like you're having a good time.

Lysandra said...

Your little girls are growing so fast.
I'm so glad you made new friends!

Jill said...

It is like you are back in school studying!!! Can't wait to see some more pics!

Joe said...

Do you find you're the only ones wearing bike helmets? It's good to wear them, though. Both Joe and I have been hit by cars in Japan! (P.S. I'm commenting under Joe's name but it's really me, Stacy, writing the posts!)