Tuesday, September 16, 2008

53 Days
As of tomorrow we will finally be in our house in Shizuoka. You didn't hear the big sigh of relief I just had. For 53 days we have lived out of suitcases. For 53 days I have not slept in my own bed or had my own pillow. For 53 days I have worn the same outfits over and over. For 53 days we've had 4 toys that have been shared (or should I say unwillingly shared) between a 1 year old and a 2 year old. Ok, we had tons of toys and grandma and grandpa's houses. So, it's really been only for the last month here at Yokota.
Things that we have lost sometime in the last 53 days: a brand new pair of shorts, two of my shirts, and maraca that plays music. We'll probably find more once we get our suitcases in the house and unpack.
Chloe has outgrown her size 4 shoes since leaving Monterey as well as several 12 month outfits. Chloe can now sip through a straw and loves juice boxes. My little girl has gotten big these last 53 days.
We may not have internet until the 26th, which is when our internet will be hooked up in our house. We are hoping to steal a signal again! If you hear from me before then, that's why!
Question for all those that have stairs and little kids. What kind of gate would you recommend? We are in need of one or two gates for the staircase in our house. We are oblivious at what to get. We are hoping to look at the kid store in Shizuoka or will order them online but won't see them for quite some time. So, any recommendation would help.


Vicki said...

So glad you're getting your house!! We outfitted my parents with gates because they have stairs. It wasn't cheap, but we love the gates. The gate is http://www.kidco.com/main.taf?erube_fh=kidco&kidco.submit.gateDetails=1&kidco.modelNumber=G20&kidco.bc=gc. To keep from drilling into your banister, you can buy http://www.kidco.com/main.taf?erube_fh=kidco&kidco.submit.gateDetails=1&kidco.modelNumber=K12&kidco.bc=gc (one for each side that will attach to a banister). Oh, and we also bought a banister guard like http://www.amazon.com/Kidkusion-Kid-Safe-Banister-Guard/dp/B0000E2DIE. Yes, we're probably paranoid. :)

Jill said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of the new house!!

Lysandra said...

That is crazy that it has been 52 days. You are a trooper Christy!