Monday, August 11, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance?

I know I can’t and I wouldn’t even consider trying out. It would be as bad as if I tried out for American Idol; I can’t even imagine how bad that would be! Maybe it would be as bad as my dancing video below.


Here's Week 3 Winner, my favorite

Are you wondering why I would put myself through this embarrassing moment? Well, I love So You Think You Can Dance. Snuggle fabric softener sponsors my favorite show and has regular people (like you and me who can’t dance) make videos of their Happy Dance. Every week during the show there was a winner and they were at the season finale. Man, I should have done this long ago, especially since the show ended this past week. We’ve been using Snuggle during our stay here in Phoenix and man it’s nice. It smells good and our clothes are nice and soft. Better enjoy it now, we will have air dried and stiff clothes once we get settled into Japan. Oh well.

Let’s talk about So You Think You Can Dance. Do (I guess I should say ‘did’) you watch it this season? My favorite couple was Katee and Joshua all season long. If you are familiar with Katee you may recognize several of her moves in my impromptu video. The only moves I can do that she does (and I can admit poorly) are the fingers, the hair flip, and the chicken move. I’m not sure who started the other two moves, either Joshua or Twitch.
So who did you think would win So You Think You Can Dance? I was hoping Katee because I have absolutely loved everything she danced this season. When it got down to Joshua and Twitch I figured it would be Joshua. Both of them were wonderful all season long and were pure entertainment for the season finale. The judges seemed to really like Joshua all season long so it just seemed normal for him to win. I can’t wait to see what next season will bring. I sure hope we get several English channels!
Eric, Etta, and I did a two minute dance video the other day but my parents can’t find the cable to download it to the computer. Go figure, that one was way better. We were teaching Etta some of the moves you saw in my video plus Eric’s moves. You may know them better as the sprinkler, the lawnmower, and the shopping cart. Oh yeah, I haven’t seen those moves since our wedding. Good thing too. If my parents ever find the cable or figure out how to download it, I’ll get a copy for my blog. Lets just say Etta is a good student, but with poor coaches.

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The Khaje Khronicles said...

love your dance video christy! hope to see the video of eric, etta and you soon. miss you here. the packers came today. the movers come tomorrow. we leave monterey on thursday... I'm going to miss it here...


Debbie'sDailyDose said...

Nice video :o) I liked Katee too. After she didn't win I thought maybe Twitch would, but my power went out the last 10 minutes, so I couldn't watch the end. I had to find out online the next day. Joshua was a good pick though. **I hope you got my email, sorry we couldn't hang out before you left. Starting school took up more time than I figured. **