Friday, August 29, 2008

My Japanese Phone

Ok, it's made by Sony Ericsson and is model number W62S. Eric went out to get cell phones here on base and was told to check a different place off base for better coverage since we'd be living in Shizuoka. We ended up with the company AU and Eric pretty much said, "That phone looks cool, how much?". Then he asked, "What are my options?". Sold, that was it. He picked up a light pink one for me and a silver one for him. We have only 60 minutes on each phone, endless to each other. Not too big a deal seeing as we won't be calling home on it. It's just for local calls around here. When we got to Shizuoka all the Americans have Soft Bank instead of AU and they can call all Soft Bank users for free. Darn, wish we would have known that before hand. Oh well, we live in a foreign country and we are learning as we go.
Anyway, back to the phone. I'm still learning how to use it. Luckily they put everything in English for us and give us a manual in English, but the learning curve is a little low for me right now. This mobile phone is a global roaming handset which features a WQVGA 432×240 resolutions display, 2 megapixel camera and microSD slot.
Texting is really big here and you don't see many people talking on their phone in public. It's illegal to drive and talk on the phone, it's considered rude to talk on the phone on the trains and subways, and it's rude to talk loud enough for other to hear you. So, you just don't see people on the phone. It's not like the states where everyone is on them. However, you do see people riding bikes on the phone or texting. It's so funny.
We are heading into Tokyo (we are technically in Tokyo, just the outskirts) to see another Olmsted family we haven't seen since the orientation in Washington D.C. last June. We'll be having lunch, do something fun with the kids, then having dinner with them. Hope the kids don't freak out about doing another drive. It should only be an hour to an hour and a half so a movie should suffice. Hopefully we'll have pictures for another post.

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