Saturday, August 30, 2008


I was going through my blog the other day and noticed no posts on California and no pictures. We have a strong enough signal today to upload pictures so I figured now is a good time to talk about LEGOLAND. It's a 20 minute drive from Eric's parent's house in Oceanside, CA and figured the kids would really enjoy it since they had been cooped up in the car for 6 hours the day before. Eric's uncle was also visiting from Michigan while we were there and he expressed interest in going. His experience would have been a lot different if he wasn't following us around with the kids, but he got to experience what parenthood to two little ones would be like for an afternoon.
First of all, if you are military you can get 10% off the ticket price which is $60 for an adult. Less for children and seniors. If your kids are under three, they're free. Woohoo, our kids are free!
I should have looked at the website before leaving because I didn't know about the water park. That was by far the favorite part of LEGOLAND. I didn't have their swimsuits but I did have spare outfits for them so I just let them run around in their clothes. We were in that part for at least an hour. If you have slightly older kids, there are some amazing structures for them to run around and climb plus amazing slides. But, our two were completely content in the small kid area.
There really is something for all ages. I would have loved to go on several of the roller coasters, but we'll have to wait several more years before they are ready for that. Chloe was too small to ride on pretty much everything. But, there was a decent amount of rides and things for Etta to play with. The best age I would say would be the three to four year age. Then they can practially do all the little kids rides.
Regardless, we had a blast and had to end up leaving around 4 or 5pm because they both had fallen asleep. I look forward to taking them there again next time we visit Eric's parents.

Both kids were interested in the Lego Dog

Etta and Mommy fly and airplane

Etta's favorite ride at Legoland

Just escaped a bucket of water

Loving the water
Chloe draws a lot of boy attention
The closest Eric's been to flying a real play in a long time!


Laura said...

There is nothing like seeing a grow man stuff in those kiddie rides, for the love of their children that will give you a good laugh. To Dad's!!!

Stacy said...

I'm so glad to get a review on Legoland. We have one free pass, so maybe one of us can take Xavier sometime... :)