Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hello From Sedona

I haven't had an opportunity to blog or do anything on the internet while arriving in Phoenix. The girls and I had a great flight from San Jose to Phoenix. It wasn't delayed, the girls were good, and the luggage was ready for us when we got to baggage claim. Two thumbs up from me. Better than driving the 9 hours in a car!
Anyway, the girls and I kept busy with grandma and grandpa while Eric stayed for all the movers in Monterey. As of last Thursday, all our stuff was on its way to Japan. Hopefully we'll see it within 5 to 7 more weeks. Good thing most of that time we'll be on the road. Eric and I are currently in Sedona on a two day break away from the kids. My parents had some use or loose points from their time shares and got a great place up here for us to stay. So far almost all of my plans have been changed. We drove up Monday afternoon and headed right to slide rock and you couldn't even swim due to high bacteria levels. Nasty...so we didn't end up going in. We turned around and headed for our resort. We also planned on going to Cucina Rustica which was recommended by Jill but it was the furthest restaurant from our resort that we could get. With all the construction, it would have taken 30 minutes to get there. We were lucky enough to go to their sister restaurant just down the street. Same menu Jill...it was yummy.
This morning we had a Jeep ride with A Day In The West on the Diamond Back trail and it was a blast. It was mostly in 4 wheel drive and knew it would be quite a few years before the girls could do anything like it. We also planned on going hiking this afternoon but it got pretty hot so we decided to stay in. I took a wonderful...glorious nap while Eric spent two hours looking for a van rental to drive to Oceanside, CA. Now it's getting close to dinner time and we plan on going to Thai Spices for dinner. It's a little hole in the wall down the street but gets several great reviews online. Hope it's good.
We'd like to go for a hike before leaving tomorrow. We hear Castle Rock is the place to go, so hopefully it happens. We have lots of great pictures of Sedona but that will be another post. As for the kids, they are probably enjoying being spoiled like crazy by my parents. Hope they survive!

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