Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello From Seattle
Who would think that it would take an entire day to take two and a half hour flight? It's amazing how much time is spent getting ready and then in-transit. We woke up this morning to last second packing and getting ourselves ready. Ten to nine we get picked up (plus 5 suitcases, a pack n play, stroller, and two car seats...not to mention three carry ons) to go to the San Diego airport. 10:30 we show up and our plane is delayed. Hang out at the airport and leave for Seattle at 1:30pm. Arrive at 4pm, get to hotel at 5:30. The kids were a little restless and Chloe noticeably more cranky than usual.
I type as Chloe is taking a bath. Etta and Daddy are at the pool to burn off energy. Next hurdle, figure out how to have a one year old and a 2.5 year old sleep well in a hotel room. We'll have to figure this out for many upcoming nights until we settle into a house in Shizuoka.
Our flight actually leaves tomorrow morning at 11:30am but have to check in by 8am. We hope they have a military area so we can let the kids run around and maybe put Chloe down for a nap. Fingers are crossed. We don't even have a room at Yokota AB yet. Unfortunately it's high PCS season and the billeting was booked. We are on a waiting list and hope that enough people cancel for us to get a place. Otherwise we'll be sent off base to a hotel, which will be small. At least in billeting we'll have a separate bedroom and a fully equipped kitchen. There are so many things going through my brain right now, I'm driving myself crazy. All will work out as it should, God is in control.
Pray for travel mercies tomorrow for us; safe flight and well behaved kids. If we are staying on Yokota AB, I'll have internet so I can update you soon after our arrival. Otherwise, who knows when you'll hear from us????? More later!

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