Saturday, August 23, 2008

Checklist Almost Complete
PO Box - check
cell phones- check
vehicle- check
drivers license- check for Eric, scheduled for Christy
doctor's appointment- scheduled
house- soon to be a check
Man, these last few days have been a whirl wind. Mainly because our days have been starting around 2am and ending at 8pm or 9pm. However, Etta did make it to 4am this morning and Chloe made it to just after 5am. It's funny to hear Etta ask for hot dogs for breakfast and eggs and and bacon for dinner, but it's progress.
Eric had been scrambling around the base the first couple of days getting everything administratively done then working on all the other things. The first morning he had to take a shuttle to the other side of base and he had asked a couple on the bus if they knew anything about the drivers license class. They said they were going to the class right then; so he followed them and got his license four hours later. I have to wait until this Thursday since they only do it once a week.
We've got a new address, even though we won't be around to check it but once a month when Eric drives up to take tests for ACSC or when we have routine doctor appointments. If you'd like to have our address, just let me know and I can send it to you. We also have new cell phones, they are way cool. Once the internet allows it, I'll upload pictures of our neat new phones for everyone to see. It's in English, but a lot of Japanese on the buttons. The learning curve for these phones aren't as good as ones back home though.
As soon as Eric got his license we contacted people about vans for sale. There's a lemon lot on base with a bunch of vehicles for sale as well as a website with listings. We were pretty confident that we wanted a Mitsubishi Delica (we currently have the 4th generation if you want to look at the link. We used to have a third generation in Misawa, Japan) but we looked at Odysseys and other funky vans too. In the end we picked the Delica for it's roominess and partiality to the vehicle. we finally were able to leave the apartment as a family last night to go to the commissary and BX.
We have to do the paperwork tomorrow morning to register and insure the Delica. Afterwards we plan on driving approximately three hours to Shizuoka to do some house hunting. We'll be meeting three Realtors, all friends of the two couples that we've been in touch with the last month or two. We're getting excited about our prospects and will take as many pictures as I can. Here's another house option we have that a lovely young couple has found down the street from them. We'll be in Shizuoka for two days and will have to return to Yokota AB for my drivers license class, a yearly check up, and final wrap up for housing paperwork.
Hope to have pictures soon. I'll keep trying!


Jen said...

I'm glad you all made it there ok and are starting to get things taken care of. It's so nice that you are able to blog an let us know what you are up to!! Good luck with getting situated in a house...from the pictures, this one seems really nice too!

Vicki said...

I can't believe you're so far away! Congrats on making the trip safely. Hope you get a house you like! I love reading about your adventures - post as much as you can!

If it makes you feel better, Justice had eggs for breakfast, eggs for a morning snack, and eggs for an evening snack yesterday. And her time zone stayed the same!