Thursday, August 14, 2008

BBQ With the Bottoms
My parents let Eric and I host a BBQ at their house one last time before the move across the Pacific. Of course it was another scorcher of 111 degrees. Luckily we had canopies and lots of water activities for the kids. didn't help us adults much. As you can see from the pictures below I just concentrated on the kids and didn't get many adult pictures. So, if you happened to be at the party and have a few good pictures...share please.
The little jump house has seen better days
Chloe enjoying all the toys too
Jade stylin'

Etta doesn't get the 'slide' part of the slip and slide
Etta loved Jade's goggles
We were close at getting three kids on the slip and slide at the same time

Dan and Jen trying out juggling

Claira tries too

Did I mention she liked the goggles?
Mmmm, cupcakes
Etta was just a little tired after the party

On another note, we are in Oceanside and I have tons to blog about. It's just a matter of finding the time to do so. Hopefully our Sedona trip pictures will be next. Eric's laptop is so much faster at uploading photos than our desktop! Anyway, all is well and we leave Oceanside in 4 days. More from us soon.

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Jen said...

We had fun! I'm glad we got to hang out with you for a while before you move to Japan. Maybe we can splice together a picture of "The Girls" since we missed our opportunity...