Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Plagued!
I'm not sure if I've mentioned it in a previous post but I had ordered a diamond bracelet from amazon last month (the seller is Fairfield Jewelry). It arrived missing three diamonds. They were great. They had UPS pick it up at their expense and within two weeks another one arrived. I'm not sure if they just fixed the one I orginally got or if they sent me a new one. Well, I've been wearing it for less than a week now and broke today. So, I emailed them to let them know but I doubt they will do anything about it. How dissapointing. I'm going to not buy anything from them! Of course if I would have ordered it from a store and had a warrenty, it wouldn't matter because we are moving. That's the problem with moving every 2.5 years or less (one of the many downfalls).

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On an even worse purchase (oh yeah, it gets way worse). Take note not to buy from this company Empire Liquidators. In April we decided to order a George Forman G5 since we won't have our grill with us in Japan. Plus, it makes waffles too. They were going for about $150 at the time and I found some good deals on ebay. I ended up winning one for $75 (including shipping) from Empire Liquidators on April 11th (remember this date). Well, it arrived more than two weeks later completely busted. The entire unit was shattered. I called them up the next day and they told me I had to ship it back to them at my expence. I didn't argue, I just did it...for $25 (that was the cheapest option).
Weeks go by and I don't hear anything and I hadn't received a replacement. I called several days a week and got absolutely nothing until June 26th; they tell me they shipped another one. Two and a half months after my initial purchase! It shows up actually packaged well. The unit is cracked, but works. However, only two of the five interchangeable plates fit because of either being bent, cracked, or completely broke. By this point, I know four of the employees by name (including the manager) and they know me by name. I called again and told my plight that not only do I have major issues with the plates, it's also missing instructions, drip trays, and the little spatulas. I told her I either need replacements or a complete refund including the $25 I spent to ship the first one back. She tells me to wait another week to see if she can find me replacments. It's been more than three months now! Supposidley they are in the mail, I got the tracking number today. I bought this thing three months ago, and still no waffles. Do not, I say DO NOT ever buy anything from them regardless of how much money you could save. I have a $100 paper weight in the laundry room.
So, what are your horror stories from buying something? I always think of Jill's flower order when I think of bad service. Jill, you can expound on it if you'd like.


Just the Sous Chef said...

Oh Christy, the George F. purchase sounds AWFUL, make sure you report it on BBB. Plus, if you do, they get notice and may try to replace it for you sooner! Good luck and keep us posted on those parts "in the mail"! I don't have too many horror stories ... my DH insists on buying most large purchases from Costco regardless of price because of their WONDERFUL return policy (no questions asked, full refund and 90 day electronics warranty/refund). Is there a Costco in Japan!? LOL! xxoo

Lysandra said...

I'm sorry that all sounds terrible. I'm pretty lucky for the most part, also I'm kinda bitchy if I don't get my way so people in customer service have a tendency of giving in so I will leave them alone.

Jill said...

FTD- the floral place. I ordered Justin's mom and my mom each a dozen purple roses for Mother's Day a couple years back. I ordered them 5 weeks before Mother's Day, to be delivered on Friday. Well, they did not show up. So I called and this is what happened, they ran out of purple flowers, so they were not going to send anything. Then they said they would send some flowers on Saturday to them, well that did not happen. When I called Sat. evening, it was like that movie "Plains, Trains and Automobiles." He told me he could get a mixed bouquet of flowers on Monday or roses on Tuesday-- my response was Mother's day is on Sunday you idiot. He said what about our best bouquet of flowers on Tuesday. Again my response was Mother's day is on Sunday you idiot. Any way they did not receive flowers, I have not ordered from them since.

Cams said...

How disappointing! I agree that word of mouth has power in how we feel about a business.
We have had bad experiences also, but none like the Foreman.
Best of luck making it to Japan!!!