Monday, July 14, 2008

Chloe's 1st Birthday Party

Chloe turned one on Sunday, but we celebrated it on Saturday at a park just a street below ours. We liked the idea of not having to clean the house before and after the party. Plus, we don't have a yard!
Eric did all the work picking up cake, the generator, and getting stuff down to the park. He was the muscle of the party. Chloe had a late entrance since she was still taking a nap. It worked pretty well when she arrived 15 minutes after the party started. Kids played in the bounce house and on the playground while Eric cooked up some hot dogs and hamburgers.
Aki loving on Chloe while I worked on getting food set up
The boys around the grill

I love how the guys group together

Xavier was brave...he was the only boy at the party!
Lucile and Yemon at the bubble station having fun
Claire having fun
The kids were ready to eat!
Even the one year olds had a chance to play in the bounce house
Aki keeping Chloe occupied with food!
A lovely cake prepared by the commissary. Bavarian cream with fresh strawberries in the center with with whipped topping. was good and not much left over.
Chocolate cupcakes and a little cake just for Chloe. It came free with the 1/4 sheet!
You only have to say cake once to get them to line up!
'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...'
"Can we eat cake now?"
Just a little cake for Chloe

Lets try keeping you cleaner with a bib
She just wasn't getting into the cake so I helped her taste the icing. I got butter cream and now wished it was a whipped topping, she probably would have gotten into it more with that.
Lydia, newly one too came to help out Chloe eat some cake
Etta ate the icing off the cupcake and worked on some white cake as well. She even asked for another cupcake. Crazy kid (she asked for icing for breakfast this morning).
Big sister to the rescue. 'Let me help you with this cake'
Lydia enjoying the cake
Here comes Olyvia to help too!
Clair likes the cake too
She's getting more into the cake with the competition around her
She had fun digging in! Plus she was attacking her big sister with icing...see Etta's jeans in the below picture. Etta was not happy.
Grandma has taught me well...I love icing!
Another newly one year old Blythe. She's so and dad think so too.
Present time!
Audrey, another red head at the party. Lots of red heads in one small area.

Great facial expression from mommy and Chloe
One of her favorite toys now
The older kids just realized presents were being opened, they needed to come help.
The birthday turned out to be really fun. It was nice and cloudy for most of the party then got steamy near the end. The kids had a good time playing, eating very little food other than cake, and drinking lots of juice. Just what a birthday party is supposed to be.
It was a lot of work getting everything put together and then taken apart. Eric and I were fortunate to have date night that evening and splurged at the Fish House for dinner then went to see Hell Boy II. We would have liked to see something else, but it was the next movie to start playing when we got there. Overall, it was entertaining but with lots of weak areas in the plot. If you've seen the first one, check out this one. I would have rather seen Indiana Jones, Hancock, or Journey to the Center of the Earth. Maybe when we are in Phoenix Eric and I can go see another movie!


Tara said...

Super cute pictures! Happy Birthday Chloe! I can't believe she's already one. It seems like just yesterday you found out you were pregnant with her. Time goes by so fast!

Hey, we just saw Hancock last night and I recommend it. Nick and I both liked it a lot.

Pam said...

We'll make sure you and Eric can have a few "date nights" before you leave for Japan. Grandm and Poppy will watch our two beautiful girls while you are out.

Jen said...

Looks like it was lots of fun! And you look really pretty in all the pictures! :)

Lysandra said...

Happy Birthday...and I know it was exciting but I couldn't help but notice how awsome your hair is looking! Fantastic!

klstowe said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Chloe! Looks like it was a very fun day -- bounce houses are always a great hit :)

No fires near anyone I know either, thankfully. You guys must be getting ready to move soon. Do you know when you leave yet? Hope all goes smoothly for you!