Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back To Gilroy Gardens
The long story as condensed as possible. We haven't been able to sell Eric's Jetta. We had someone actually want to buy it last week but his bank wouldn't loan him the money since our car is registered in Nevada. We're military, we're all lowed to do that. Anyway, Eric had to drive several hours for a dermatology appointment and flight physical last Friday and he was close enough to a Carmax he decided he'd go ahead and get a quote. We had planned this out ahead of time so we got a power of attorney for Eric to sell the Jetta since I bought it and it was in my name.
Well, they offered us more money than we were even asking for. If we only had known, we'd have gone there months ago. Anyway, they wouldn't accept the power of attorney and the quote was only good for 7 days. That meant we'd have to drive to Modesto together, with the kids to sell the car. Two and a half hours up and then back would be unbearable for the kids and us. So, we planned on going through Gilroy coming back so Etta can run around and have fun.
We of course went to her favorite ride at the beginning (the fish)and then tried out some new rides. She and Chloe both had fun.
This was a great game, a winner every time. The line had a magnet on the end and if you hooked a fisher with 'WINNER' on the bottom you get a big Care Bear. Otherwise you get a little one. Etta was milking the three dollar game for awhile and ended up getting a 'WINNER'. She picked the pink Care Bear, which is Secret Bear. I've never heard of that one before. Have you?

We'd only been there for 30 minutes or so and we were getting warm. One water area was right by the Care Bear game so we got them changed into their suits and let them play for awhile.

two cute little tushies
the caterpillar ride
a swan paddle boat, I couldn't steer left for the life of me

Fun even though I needed help to land the boat

Yep, it's an artichoke
Drying off after playing in the water park
The hot air balloons, always fun!


Lysandra said...

That looks really fun. And, yes, I have heard of Secret Bear. I wish we had a place like that here for kids.

Jill said...

I loved my Care Bear growing up! I wish I could have seen you trying to land the swan boat!!