Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Eric had a four day weekend so we wanted to go and do something for a change. Eric's academy sponsors live in Templeton, California which is only a two hour drive from our place. Eric got in touch with them and they were going to be home for the weekend so we went up to visit them. They live on 11 acres, a beautiful little home originally built in the late 1800's, and board two horses. Needless to say we had lots of fun while we were there.

Our first day in Templeton was pretty much just hanging out at the house and getting the kids on a schedule. Friday morning we drove out to the beach and walked around the boardwalk. Lets just say the squirrels were tame there and were very interested in Etta and her goldfish.

They got really close, one lady said they would take food out of your hand if you let them.

We stopped for a picnic lunch

Chloe getting up all by herself

Etta enjoyed chasing the seagulls

Doug and the girls

Chloe found Lynn and Doug entertaining!

Across from the Hearst Castle there are many male elephant seals on the beach. This time of the year they hang out and wait for their skin and fur to fall off and will head back to the ocean soon. There were quite a few in this one area and boy do they smell. They are pretty interesting to watch too. Some of the big guys spare on the beach to show who's boss. Those guys have scars all over their bodies. We saw one fight between the two biggest and there was clearly a winner. Luckily we didn't see anyone get killed. There was a decaying one off to the side, good thing we weren't there to see that fight. Etta enjoyed watching them but got a little scared when they were fighting and bashing teeth into each other.

Here she is trying to take off from watching the elephant seals

We really wanted to see Hearst Castle but Chloe had fallen asleep in the car as we were taking off and new it would be a tough waking her up to stroll the place. So, another time.

Chloe was entertained with daddy's piano playing

Trigger and Red live on the property and Etta had been looking forward to seeing them ever since we left Monterey. She attempted to feed Red once and was afraid of the horses after that. I think she realized that they are really big in comparison to herself. She loved talking to them from a distance!

They have a ride on lawn mower with a wagon attachment. Eric drove it the first time with me and the girls in the back. I got lucky and drove it the second time with Eric in the back. We drove all over the property and the girls loved it. A house behind them had two ponies so I drove by them a lot for Etta to see. Eric didn't take pictures of them!
Eric putting away our ride (I can still hear Etta's cry in the background)

Chloe got a chance to see and pet the horses. Red is extremely friendly, mainly because he's expecting food.

One more chance for Etta to see the horses before leaving

Our last day there Eric and Doug went Kayaking for several hours at Morro Bay. They must have had fun because they were gone half the day. Lynne, the girls and I went to the farmers market which was wonderful. If I lived there, I'd be buying all my produce and meat there. It was a beautiful town and I hope we get to visit them again when we are back in the states. If you ever get a chance to stay in Templeton or surrounding cities you won't be disappointed.
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klstowe said...

Looks like a fun weekend! There are definitely some nice areas there along the coast. Hope you are not having too much smoke from all the fires and that they are not too close to your area.