Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hello From Phoenix

I would have written sooner, but the computer is in the same room Chloe sleeps. At home my computer time is when the girls are sleeping so getting onto the computer here is next to impossible.
My parents left for Aruba last night and downloaded all the pictures from this past week yesterday. Of course Eric would like to see pictures of the girls having fun so I thought I should blog. Hope you enjoy the photos. I'll try blogging again before too long, but it will more than likely be a short blog. I'll tell you all about our adventure getting to Phoenix soon.

Chloe now likes people food, this was her first time eating blackberries (with several being squished into jam)
A new pool compliments of grandma and poppy
Grandma helping Etta slide into the pool

Chloe's enjoying the pool too!
Etta doesn't get the slip and slide just yet, but she has fun regardless

Oops, slipped on the bum instead of tummy


Jill said...

Finally, some real fun in the sun and water in a yard. ;) Oh the days of the slip and slide, I loved mine growing up.

Jen said...

We're going to need lots of sunblock for all the fair-skinned little girls this coming Saturday!

Vicki said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't wait to get all the girls together next Sat. Jen's right - we're going to need lots of sunscreen. BTW, Justice had her first sunburn a couple weeks ago (WITH sunscreen on). I proactively gave her Tylenol the first night, and it didn't seem to bother her after that (thankfully).

Danielle_Terese said...

Christy! I found you! You look so good and those babies are adorable. I hope to hear from you soon! Email me at