Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fun In The Sun
We've actually had sun the past two days and in the 60's so we broke out the UPF swimsuits and played in the courtyard. I have no idea where our blow up pool is (I'm thinking it went to goodwill when we moved here along with half of everything else we owned) so we ended up playing with water filled buckets, sprinklers, and a spray nob. Lets just say the girls have been napping well these last two days!

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Posted by Picasa
Not much else to report here. It's been a lazy week so far. However, this weekend will be another story. The girls and I are heading to Phoenix on Sunday. Now that will truly be 'fun in the sun'. It's the only way the girls will survive going outside there. Hope you enjoyed the photos.


Lysandra said...

I wish Michael didn't hate water so much. It just makes it so hard to entertain him in Texas heat.

Jill said...

Oh Christy. . . playing in the sun should be a slip n' slide, a play pool, a twirly sprinkler, on some GRASS, not cement. Have you turned red neck on me? (at least they had clothes on) Is an intervention needed? ha ha

Christy said...

If we had grass we would be playing on it, but concrete is all the military gave us. I can't wait until Etta is ready for a slip and slide. That will be tons of fun.