Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back To Gizdich Ranch

We enjoyed picking strawberries so much last time that we wanted to make one more trip before moving. Their website mentioned that they also have olallieberries and boysenberries to pick. We have had olallieberries one time before from the farmers marker and we knew they would be worth picking and I've heard of boysenberries but can't think of a time I've eaten one.

I talked with a friend of mine during our 45 minute drive to the ranch and she brought to my attention all the smoke from the fires. It was pretty smoky but we still wanted to see how it was. Luckily where we were it wasn't too bad at all, didn't smell like smoke and there wasn't much in the air. We lucked out. Unlike at our house, we actually had ash floating around this evening.

We started our fun by picking strawberries. Really Eric picked the strawberries while I carted Chloe around and watch Etta play with the dirt. She was not interested in berries this time. We also had lunch and bought another strawberry pie to bring home. BTW, I took a picture of it just a few minutes ago and will have to make a post just about pie. We actually had to drive across the street to do the other berry picking but it was really neat. I've never picked a small berry like these before so it was interesting. The olallieberries prove to be a pain to pick. The ones that were ripe enough to pick would pretty much burst in your hand from picking, so they didn't make it home very well. That's ok, most of them went into a home made pie tonight and it was good. Etta again was more interested in playing with dirt but Eric got her to at least try one of them. Yep, off the vine without cleaning them. She ended up loving them and I couldn't pick them fast enough to supply her demand. She finally got her fill and we were able to fill our little bucket too.

Eric and Chloe picking olallieberries

Her first olallieberry

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sitting and taking all the berries I pick

After smashing a little berry by Chloe's mouth, she decided they were good and ate what we gave her
After finishing up with olallieberries we headed for the boysenberry patch. Of course Etta had to use the Port a potty there as well. Anyway, these were a little easier to pick because they were bigger and not as juicy. Etta wasn't too interested in trying them, probably because she was full from the other berries. But, she tried one and kept taking them out of the bucket.

Chloe was a little tired and the only thing that kept her quite was boysenberries
Trying on mommy's hat

Yeah, she ate a lot of berries!

The olallieberries didn't do so well getting home so we decided to make a pie tonight. I used 3 cups of olallieberries and 2 cups of boysenberries. It turned out really well. Looks like we'll be eating a lot of fruit this coming week. Lets just say the girls had plenty of fiber today. All you parents know what I'm talking about!

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Jen said...

Mmmm...that sounds like a delicious pie!

Lysandra said...

I love that last picture! So fun! So cute!

Cams said...

Looks like a lot of fun! It has been too long since I have checked your blog, so many pics and entries! I understand your difficulty in staying cool here in southern AZ, it is still hot.
Enjoy the berries, and fiber.
As always, you have a great eye for capturing fun moments with your adorable girls.