Thursday, May 22, 2008

Were We Watching The Same Show?
I watched Tuesday night's American Idol in hopes of seeing a great competition. Cook started with a great U2 song which I thought he did really well. It doesn't hurt that I like the U2 song to start out with. Then Archuletta sings and sounds wonderful as always. Then, Cook just didn't do it for me. He just didn't hold my attention and I thought the show was over. The songs he choose were unfamiliar and just weren't edgy like he'd been most of the season. I'd been a Cook fan from near the beginning and just thought he fell flat for the season finale. It didn't help that Archuletta sang nearly flawless as always. His voice is so beautiful, but I wonder what kind of album he'd make?
Last night I was out shopping during the last show announcing who won; I didn't feel like I needed to watch it since the judges handed Archuletta the win. When I was about to go to sleep I mentioned to Eric I hadn't seen Idol. He mentioned that he saw an article clip that said the "older guy" won. I did not believe him, as is the usual case. Luckily the computer wasn't off an sure enough Cook won. How did that happen? It seemed like Archuletta was groomed for this show and that the judges wanted him to win. Odd that American actually disagreed with them. Maybe voters didn't use the last three performances as guides for their votes. Maybe
they actually voted bases on which type of album they would actually buy. What do you think of the final performances and the outcome? I'd love to hear.


Jill said...

I think David Cook deserved to win. The Archuletta kid has a good voice, but does the same thing every week. Cook tried new things, took risks and did a better job I think over the entire season.

Christy said...

I have to admit, David C entertained me the most all season long. I just thought his final performaces weren't as good as he had been all season long. I thought because of that he wouldn't win, but I'm glad he did. I wonder what Archuletta will do now?