Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Path to Dryness

Just in the past week Etta has decided that she enjoys peeing on the potty. I really think it was a ploy to delay bedtime one night, but it has since stuck. Last week she just did not want to go to sleep. While I was reading to her she said, "potty" which she would say once in a blue moon but never actually do anything. I took her out of principle and sure enough she peed and Eric and I praised her endlessly. We go back to reading and she asks for the potty again and pees for the second time in a row! Alright, things are looking great.
The next day and ever since she asks for it several times during the day. I've now picked up the habit of asking her throughout the day and sometimes she says no and sometimes she says yes. She still pees in her pull ups on occasion, but we change a lot less pull ups. She has even had a little poop in the toilet. I think she just enjoys the TP and flushing the toilet. I would like to put her in the training panties but she is adamant that she wears her pull ups. Any suggestions?


Jen said...

Hooray for Etta! Try taking her to the store to pick out some big girl panties...if she chooses them herself, then she is more likely to wear them. I started Jade in the thicker training undies, but those didn't really help much more than regular panties when she had an accident. Good luck!

Christy said...

Hey Jen. Etta picked out her own panties and training panties a few months ago when she didn't want to wear her diaper. We tried potty training then, but she wasn't ready. We ended up doing a lot of cleaning then. She keeps saying no to the training panties but I haven't offered her the real panties. I'll try that after her next potty visit.