Monday, May 26, 2008

Movie Mondays

It was a long weekend but we didn't get to spend a lot of time lounging in front of the TV; which is a good thing. The better movie we saw this weekend was P.S. I Love You. A really cute movie with Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler (300, Phantom of the Opera); he dies at 35 leaving his wife heart broken. Through the rest of the movie letters come from him telling her things she needs to do to help her move on and find out what she's supposed to do with her life. It's cute, and I'm surprised Eric sat and watched it with me. If you are in a girly movie mode, check this one out. I love the guys with Irish accents. Hot hot hot.
The other movie we watched was Newsies. I say we but it was mostly Etta. I was in and out of the movie trying to pick up the house. This is an early 90's musical with familiar faces, like Christian Bale (the new Batman movies). The music and acting were mediocre but the storyline was pretty good. The newspaper giants upped the price newsies had to pay to get the newspapers, of course newsies are mostly kids and they go on strike. Etta didn't seem all that entertained so it went back to blockbuster that day. Looks like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will stay in the VCR for a little while longer. We have more musicals being delivered on Wednesday, hope we can find another one she likes.


Tara said...

Oh my gosh, when I was like 12 years old I LOVED Newsies! lol

Lysandra said...

I went to watch P.S. I Love You with my good friend Thana. We cried throughout the ENTIRE film!

Jill said...

I also went to P.S. I Love You, and cried throughout the entire movie, I was so tired sfter watching that movie because I cried so much. I did like the movie despite Hillary Swank, not a real fan of hers.

Cams said...

I was in love with Jack, Christian Bale, when I was about 13 and watching Newsies. I still love to break out and sing the songs.
My mom read P.S. I love you and liked the book. I look forward to watching it sometime.