Monday, May 19, 2008

Movie Monday

$45 for a babysitter
$20.50 for two movie tickets
$5 Ice Creme
An evening without kids...priceless

Oh yeah everyone, we went to the movies. We lucked out and had a babysitter lined up for the weekend the new Chronicles of Narnia: Price Caspian released. We were more than excited since we love the books and enjoyed the first movie. It's 2 hour and 20 minutes long and goes by pretty fast. Unlike the first movie, Prince Caspian seems to just keep moving with constant anticipation. There isn't as much annoying sibling rivalry like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe either. It's amazing to see how much the four actors have matured in the time between the movies and the inclusion of new characters like Prince Caspian (what a hottie) and my favorite Reepicheep (a fighting mouse). The White Witch makes an appearance which I don't remember in this book but reminds the watchers that she isn't gone and we'll be seeing her again in future movies. I think they did a good job transitioning from book number three to book number two which I was wondering how they were going to do it. In short, the four kids have been in England for the last year wondering if they will ever go back to Narnia. After being summoned by Prince Caspian (he actually didn't know what he was doing) they arrive 1500 years since their reign. The country is ruled by men that had killed off all the Narnians (so they thought). Prince Caspian is about to be killed by his uncle and fleas to the woods where everything unfolds. If you are concerned that it is too Christian for your liking, it's not as obviously Christian as the first movie. Prince Caspian is more about faith rather than the first movie where Aslan sacrificed himself then rose from the dead. If you are Christian you can find lots of little things that are biblical. It's a great story and movie, I suggest it to anyone that enjoys great movies.
Earlier this week we had a chance to watch the Golden Compass. Which is funny because the author His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman is an atheist, versus the Chronicles of Narnia written by famous Christian author C.S. Lewis. He even told Sydney's Morning Harold in 2003, "My books are about killing God". I had read the trilogy years ago and couldn't remember much but wanted to see the movie. The first movie isn't really anti-God, but I think that's not until the last book in particular. I thought the movie was good, should have been better with all the famous actors in it. I'll probably watch the future movies just to see what they are like but wouldn't let either the girls see them unless we approve of them first.
Did you see any movies this weekend? Do you recommend them? Blockbuster has sent P.S. I Love You, hopefully we'll get a chance to watch it this week. I have my fingers crossed that Newsies will show up this week. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is due back at the library Wednesday and we need a new musical to keep Etta happy. She loves them!


Just the Sous Chef said...

I read the book (PS I Love You), cute story, tear jerker tho (at least the book was). I always thought it would make a cute movie. Let us know what you think. And hubby and I are FINALLY going to the movies this weekend. I seriously think it has been 3 years since the two of us have sat in a theater together. :) xxoo

Patrick Roberts said...

the makers of Prince Caspian kept to the original story surprisingly well... i heard they were going to make it into a silly pure-action flick, but thankfully this was not the case