Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gizdich Ranch - Watsonville, CA
We headed for a family ranch in Watsonville just 40 minutes away from Monterey. A friend of mine (Christi, go figure) had told me about several places that have pick yourself fruit and strawberries are in season here. So, I checked out the website for Gizdich and thought it looked like a lot of fun.
Besides the pick yourself strawberries they have a deli, home baked pies, antique store, and a picnic area full of fun for kids. Who could say no? We of course planned for a day that was gloomy and looked like it was going to rain most of the time. Turned out to be the best day to pick. Not very many people were there and was a pretty nice day all in all. We started first with picking strawberries which was fun. Etta wasn't too sure at first but quickly got the hang of picking out the really red strawberries and pulling them off the stems. She helped me fill the first bucket. Then we decided we might as well pick more while we were there so Eric and Chloe got to fill the next bucket. For $1.50 a pound, how could we say no?

Etta ran down to check out her buddy Ashley and her mom Christi

"Here Ashley, this is a really good strawberry, just for you."

Etta and Ashley chased each other up and down strawberry rows

Eric and Chloe's turn to pick

Ashley's big bro Benjamin was showing all his great strawberries

Etta has decided to potty train. She now asks to go to the potty and pees several times a day. Of course she had to go while picking strawberries and the only thing around this part of the farm was a port-a-potty. Hmmm, not the most sanitary but she peed! I kept telling her not to touch anything. Of course she could see poo and kept telling me. Yuck. But, I had to take a picture for her triumph.

They had so much fun picking strawberries

Almost lunch time, plenty of time to play before then

Hay stacks for the kids to play on

Chloe spent a good chunk of the day in the carrier but the rest of it was playing on the grass, which she still isn't too sure about.

These two are so cute. Either they love each other or hate each other. Since they didn't have their own toys to fight over, this day they loved each other.

We ended up buying some fresh raspberries and a strawberry pie to take home. Wow, the pie was insane. We forgot to take a picture of it so I can only describe it. It's darn near a foot tall of fresh strawberries in a wonderful yummy glaze. Lets just say we have several more days worth of dessert ahead of us. We are hoping to go one more time to pick fresh fruit and pick up another pie. We need to get our fill of fruit before going to Japan. We won't have as good of selection for what we are used to paying. Everything is so much more expensive there so fruit will be a treat for us then.
Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Tara said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Those strawberries are so red and look delicious---yummy!!

Are the vegetables in Japan any cheaper or is just everything expensive? I ask because it seems like the Japanese cuisine has a lot of veggies in it.

I'm making Yakisoba Chicken tomorrow. Our Japanese friend says it's a pretty popular dish there. Have you had it? I'll have to let you know how it turns out---I'm delving into learning how to cook more Asian dishes. :)