Sunday, May 11, 2008

We spent the majority of Saturday at Gilroy Gardens. Good thing because it's supposed to get into the 90's next weekend in Gilroy. It's about 50 minutes from Monterey, but not as far as San Jose. A few friends of ours had commented that it was a perfect place to take Etta and that we need to go before we move. So, we checked it out online and it looked like it could be a lot of fun. Barring the condition that Chloe would not be a crazy baby. For those of you that don't see her on a regular basis, she is just that, a crazy baby. She seems to be doing better now she a soy baby. More on that in another post. So much to post, so little time.
Back to Gilroy. Not much is in Gilroy, but it is the garlic capitol (not sure if that's just of CA, the US, or the world). But that's what we hear. You can even go garlic wine tasting in Gilroy. However, we opted to just do the gardens. It's not just gardens, it's mainly rides for little kids. It's great because there are height restrictions for most of the rides so big kids can't do some of the rides, especially the ones that are meant for toddlers.
Chloe was so great hanging out in the stroller while Etta went on rides

This was Etta's first ride at Gilroy Gardens...she called it strawberry

All four of us road on the "choo choo" train around the park

This was by far Etta's favorite ride, she went on it at least four times. It went up and down in a circle and she absolutely loved it. We have about 50 pictures of her on this ride!

I'm thinking she wasn't big enough for this ride but still went on it. She liked it at first, but by the end...well, just look at the second picture.

She found a pink car

And a fire truck!

Daddy took her on a swan paddle boat while Chloe finished lunch (Etta could not sit still to each lunch knowing that she was missing out on all the great rides).

Still content, just in a lot less clothing than when we started the day

We had to wait in line awhile to ride the hot air balloons that swung around in a circle. She just about lost it in line. But, it was well worth the wait. Another ride she really enjoyed.

Checking out the water section of the park. Unfortunately I didn't realize how extensive the water area was and didn't bring swim suits. I didn't feel like spending $30 for a swimsuit so we moved on pretty quickly. Etta was not happy about that!

What kid wouldn't like this?

The kids got a little cranky from here on so we didn't get much opportunity to take more pictures. All four of us went on a Farris wheel which was lots of fun and were able to see a great view of Gilroy. Etta and Eric got to ride in a car around the park while Chloe and I hung out. Chloe survived 4.5 hours without a nap and crashed as we were leaving. Etta had a meltdown at that time too so we knew it was time to go. The girls went to bed early that night and still made up for it the next day. They were so worn out!
If you happen to be near San Jose/Monterey with little kids this is a most see. Make sure you buy your tickets online because it's more expensive to pay at the gate. Expect $8 parking too.


Jill said...

Sounds like a fun and exhausting day!!

Just the Sous Chef said...

Soooo many beautiful pictures, you sure are doing great with that new camera. I can not believe how brave Etta is. L never would have gone on that ride by himself and certainly not 4 times! LOL! Sounds fun!

Lysandra said...

Man I am jealous that we don't have stuff like that around. The closest stuff is about 2 hours away. :(

Cams said...

Looks like a lot of fun and excitement for families. I sort of wish I could go, but the drive is a little far for me, right?
Oh, and in regards to the movie post... I love all three of those old movies you listed. I even don't mind the length of Sound of Music at all.=) Got to love Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke both as actors. Whether in a show together or alone, they are enjoyable!