Sunday, April 13, 2008

Women of Faith - Infinite Grace

Friday evening and all day Saturday I was in Fresno, Ca for women's retreat called Women of Faith and the topic was Infinite Grace. Since Eric can't take time off from work (remember, he took one day off when Chloe was born) I went along with two other women and got to Fresno for the last hour and a half of Friday's conference. Luckily we were there for the best part of the day, singing and speaking from Sheila Walsh, Sandy Patty and Ayiesha Woods. I had heard of all three of them but couldn't tell you much about them before this conference. Ayiesha Woods sings a pretty popular Christian song called Happy. Click on her name and it takes you to her myspace page and it's playing in the background.
The other two ladies have wonderful voices and messages that they shared with the several thousand ladies in the Save Mart Center. They both used stories from their lives that God's grace got them through it. Saturday we got to hear other personal stories about God's grace from Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, and Louise DuArt. My personal favorite was Patsy who is an little old lady with tons of energy and loves to talk. We also got to hear Nicole C. Mullen sign a handful of her songs.
I loved my 30 hours with 15 other Protestant Women of the Chapel ladies and just being around Godly women. It's wonderful to hear how these women have had struggles in their lives and how God has used that as a learning tool for their futures. One of the stories that hit the hardest was Louise DuArt's. After her husband lost his job her friends dared her to try out at a local comedy club. She performed impressions and Star Search scouts happened to be in the audience and she ended up on Star Search and winning. After her career took off her husband cheated on her, divorced her, then ended up suing and winning for alimony. She then had to leave her kids with her mom so she could work (travel with a show) to pay alimony. It took a long time for her to hear God say that she needed to forgive her ex-husband to move on her own life. Afterwards she found peace and then ended up meeting her husband (a Christian author). She was great, she also did a lot of impersonations which were hilarious.
Well, it's Sunday and we have a few things to do; shop for my birthday present (Eric is letting me pick out a bracelet of my choice!) and a mystery shopping at Cole Haan (more on that in another post). Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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Debbie'sDailyDose said...

Sounds like the ladies at the conference were inspiring. Glad you could get away...and Happy Birthday! Have fun shopping. :o)