Monday, April 07, 2008

Three Weeks in Phoenix
The girls and I flew out to Phoenix a week before the Japan trip and stayed a week after the Japan trip. I'm sure my parents were ready to have a quiet house after our long visit! Grandma had obviously had fun outfitting the house and backyard for her granddaughters. They seemed to be denied nothing while visiting. Here are a few pictures of the girls and toys from grandma and grandpa (or as Etta called him, Poppy).
The girls and I were able to see a few friends in Phoenix the first week. We met Laura and her girls at the mall and Vicki and Jenny and their daughters for a play date as well. They looked so cute coloring together. Who would have thought that all my friends in Phoenix would have girls too?
Here are the girls
Etta loves Poppy. She is used to spending a chunk of every evening in Eric's lap so I asked my dad if he would take over that job while we were in Phoenix. Etta still asks for Poppy.
The day before heading to Japan my dad took me fishing at Bartlett Lake. We spent several hours fishing and we only brought home two crappy. Of course I caught those two. Etta loves fish so I let her hold one of them when we got home. She loved holding it. Britta (one of my mom's dogs) came over to check it out and Etta wouldn't let her get too close to the fish. It was so funny.
I feel horrible but I left Chloe with my parents not weened. She wouldn't ween for me in California so I figured she would just have to when I left her. Well, she hates taking the bottle and proves to be stubborn for my parents. It took a couple of days but my mom found a way to get enough milk in her to get through the day. Luckily she made up for the lost milk by eating more. I kept up my milk by pumping while I was in Japan with every intention of going back to breastfeeding when I got back but Chloe would have nothing to do with it. She still pushes my boobs away. I was heart broken, I was just not emotionally ready to stop breast feeding.
Grandma and Poppy survived their week and I think they even enjoyed it. Etta would help Poppy feed all the dogs every night. A task she loved! She even got a farmers tan while in Phoenix. She would spend the majority of each day outside so it's no surprise. The girls even celebrated Easter with Grandma and Poppy. I haven't gotten the pictures yet but I have seen the video of Etta egg hunting. I'll have to post it when I get it! She is too cute. Grandma and GG (great grandma) took the girls to the zoo too. They chased her throughout the park; so I think she had a good time.
When I returned from Japan we went to the zoo again; here are a few pictures.

My dad took me fishing the day before leaving and this time we caught six bass. We would have had 7 but one of mine had gotten off. We had tons of fun. I was getting sick at that point but was really sick that Friday night and even the morning of the flight. Luckily I made it home and I'm still sick. Now it's just the lingering nasty cough and stuffed up nose. Unfortunately I have given it to Chloe and she's miserable. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said it will take about 4 weeks to get rid of it and for Chloe it will take 2-3. Oh joy. Don't you just love sleeping and breathing threw your mouth waking up with a dry crusty tongue? Hope this passes sooner than what the doctor says. Please pray for a speedy recovery for Chloe and I and that Etta and Eric don't get it.
I'm going to a women's retreat this weekend so pray for safe travels for me and the other dozen ladies from the Protestant Women of the Chapel drive to Fresno this Friday. I'll hopefully take the camera and get a few pictures. I also need to do a Movie Monday post and talk about some of the movies we've seen recently. Oh so much to do!
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Lysandra said...

I feel like I can hardly keep up with you. Japan, Phoenix, Cali, and Japan...where are you again? I am glad you are having so much fun. Being a family really makes for some entertaining times. I am sorry Chloe pushed your breast away. I would have been heart broken too.

Pam said...

Grandma and Poppy enjoyed every day of the three weeks that Miss Etta and Chloe were here!!! It's the quiet now that gets us. Poppy misses all the help feeding the dogs every night. But she'll be able to help again in June when we get you back here to house sit while Poppy and Grandma get to go on vacation!!!

Just the Sous Chef said...

CUTE pics of the girls, can not believe how big Etta is getting. Looks like they had a blast at their Grandparents house! :) Hope you enjoyed your retreat, sounds wonderful!