Monday, April 28, 2008

Now this is a blast from the past!
Read previous post first! Thanks to my friend Jenny, here is a kindergarten picture. The top left is my friend Kristie who came out to visit last week, Jenny is the brunette behind the board, and I of course am the only red head. Wow, we were so little!


Jen said...

Can you believe I have known you for almost 25 years?! I am surprised that I can still remember the names of 16 of us in the picture.

Christy said...

I was naming faces but I don't think it was 16, I should go back and check. I'm surprised so many of us stayed at the same school for so long.

Jen said...

Can you fill in any blanks?

front: Saul, Ralph, Kristen, ME, Deanna, ___, ___, Brandon

2nd: Greg, ___, Erik, ___, Travis?, ___

3rd: Nick, ___, Melissa, Alicia, Monica

back: Kristie, Adam, ___, YOU, ___

Christy said...

Nope, you got the ones I got except I didn't know that was Erik and I'm not sure that is Travis.

klstowe said...

Wow, that is a blast from the past! How funny to see us from back then. I'm glad I got to visit with you before I left and hope we can meet up again sometime. Blog isn't ready yet but hopefully soon ... I'll keep you posted :)!