Monday, April 14, 2008

Movie Monday

Since I was gone most of the weekend we only got to watch one movie this week, Enchanted. If you remember from an earlier post I had seen the last half of it on the plane home from Japan. I got to watch the first half this time. It's a cute movie and laughable in many spots. It's so funny to see the lead actress act out like so many of the main characters from Disney animated movies. She did such a great job. I personally don't see the prince as my first choice in actors, but he did a good job. Especially the part when he jumps from a bridge to a road and starts singing to her right before he gets ran over by a group of cyclists. That's the type of movie it is, cheesy with some good laughs. It's also a good family movie. It's the first time Etta has sat down and watch an entire movie. Thumbs up from both Eric and I. Eric's personal description of the movie is, "Pleasant".
Did you watch any movies this week? If so, what did you watch and do you recommend it?

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Cams said...

I saw this movie also, but didn't really like it as much as I thought I would. Hope I won't offend, but my two reasons for "thumbs down" were these:
1. I was worried that her clothes throughout the movie wouldn't stay on, esp, the wedding gown and last gown at the ball. My girls are old enough now to notice these things. Hard to say, "you can't wear that" when "role models do"
2. All the classic Disney princess movies have a wedding at the end. How come the animated land had one, but New York didn't? Closing scenes... they are just together, I was disappointed by the contrast.
So, I watched it and returned it, without ever letting my girls know it had been rented.
What other feedback have you had about the movie?