Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Hodgepodge
I was getting dinner ready and Etta was silent for a good 5 minutes. Never a good sign. When I came to check on her, this is what I found. She tried penciling her eye brows and wasn't too far off. You can see the mascara smudge on her nose but you'd be amazed she actually got some on her eye lashes. She likes her lipstick on the heavy side.
Chloe is 9 months and standing. She is definitely a dare devil. She's doing great going from crawling to sitting and vice versa. She isn't technically crawling but she gets around pretty well.

"Aren't I cute?"

She's really enjoying the Play Wall. Funny, Etta wasn't too interested in this until she was much older and mobile.

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Etta enjoys playing in Chloe's crib. Almost daily the girls go in and play with the aquarium attached to the crib and Etta loves to jump up and down. Recently Etta and Chloe were playing and Etta saw the crowns. They were both princesses!

Chloe didn't like the idea of Etta crowning her. She looks pissed!

Chloe had a fever this weekend so Etta and I headed to a birthday party for friends of ours. The theme, fairy princess. All the girls got wings, headbands, wands, and fairy dust. She had such a good time.

Random picture of Etta playing with water

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These pictures need explaining. We went over to a friend's house for dinner. The have a newborn girl and a two year old boy named Charley. She loves Charley. Near the end of the evening they went into his room to play. Etta got up on the bed and Charley followed with a belt (not sure why). Well, Etta ended up with it and looks to be having fun with both the belt and Charley.

Random cute picture of Etta!

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Tara said...

Cute pictures!! I just love Etta's pigtails all sticking straight up. Way cute!

Chloe sure has a beautiful smile. Your kids just keep getting more adorable by the day!

Cams said...

I love the updated pics! That closeup of Chloe is gorgeous and Etta is turning into quite the camera ham, right? Love the last one and that great smile! I can't believe that both of them are getting so big, where does the time go, right?

Jen said...

Etta upgraded to pigtails! Cute. Every day Jade wants pigtails, but I don't have the patience. :)