Sunday, April 27, 2008

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose
We had so much fun Saturday. We were determined to get out of the house during the weekend so we resolved to drive to San Jose and finally see the San Jose Children's Museum. It was well worth the hour and fifteen minute drive (only because Chloe slept all the way there and both slept all the way back). We showed up at 10:30am which was perfect since they had only been open 30 minutes. It wasn't yet busy. Etta got to play with the fire truck, ambulance, and stage coach. But that wasn't the best part!

Here is an intersection of the museum, lights and all!

We were informed of an area only for 4 years and younger. Chloe liked one spot in particular...big foam cubes.

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Several dolls were set up with a control so Etta was able to make them walk in place.

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On the elevator waiting to see more cool stuff!

Down stairs is a section just for bubbles! Not only do kids have fun there, but the parents too. You can make super big bubbles, little bubbles, film bubbles, and just other cool stuff that has to do with bubbles.

I can pop it mom!

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Daddy joins in the fun

Push and make more bubbles

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The best part of the museum, hands down, is the water section. Oh yes, an entire section devoted to water. Contraptions made to entertain kids and of course get them wet. That's half the fun...ok more like 80% of the fun. In the picture below Etta was putting a plastic ball in a tube that sucks up balls and sends them to the middle of the pull. When there is enough water pressure it spits out the balls and lots of water. The kids just love it.

Who wouldn't enjoy throwing a ball in there?

It's a little late at this point putting a smock on...but she was loving it

It was an overall great experience. We had lunch during our several hours there and I was expecting high prices as usual but it was cheap. Not only cheap food, but good tasting food. They also serve your food on biodegradable plates and you use silverware made from cornstarch and is also biodegradable. They employ handicap people to take customer's garbage and to clean the dining area. Also, it wasn't expensive to get in. It would have cost $26 for our family to go in, but we got a military discount and saved $3. Oh yeah, saving some cash!
We had so much fun. If you have kids and are going through San Jose, you need to stop here!
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Lysandra said...

Too cool...I wish there were things like that here.

Jill said...

That looks like a cool place!!