Saturday, March 08, 2008

Stomach, Side, Back

Which are you? I'm a back sleeper myself. Always have been except later during pregnancy which I began sleeping on my side with a big body pillow in between my legs. I was always uncomfortable during the end of my pregnancy's but found comfort with the pillow and then wrapping my arms around one end of the pillow. But, I'm back to back sleeping unless I can't sleep and then I toss and turn and end up on my side trying to get another 15 minutes of sleep.
Eric will sleep on any side. Early in our marriage he was primarily a stomach sleeper but seems to be sleeping more and more on his back. He also ends up on his side when he isn't sleeping well.
I always wondered how the kids would be compared to our sleeping. As soon as Etta could roll over she was sleeping on her stomach. I remember reading in parenting books saying don't go in and turn your kids back to their backs if they are crying or they'll never learn to fall asleep on their tummies or roll themselves back. I never had that problem. She'd roll onto her tummy and fall asleep. Etta was always an easy child.
Then their is Chloe. She has been rolling over for months, but just started rolling in her crib recently. Wow, she screams bloody murder and I'm guilty of going in and turning her back. She hates her stomach. It hasn't been until recently that she's been able to fall asleep on her stomach. I still think she prefers her back but is sometimes too tired to care.
Etta is so much like her daddy in so many sleeping. And then their is Chloe, sleeps like her mommy. It's the little differences in our kids that keep us smiling. They're just too darn cute. How do you like to sleep? Do you seen that in your kids?


Air Force Family said...

I'm a restless sleeper. I toss and turn until I find a comfortable position. I sleep in strange positions too. Feet/legs half way up the wall, etc.

Steve is a normal sleeper. He sleeps mostly on his side, but he does occasionaly sleep on either his back or stomach.

Olyvia is a mix of both of us. She's extremely restless and will sometimes lay in one "normal" position all night. Then she has nights like me. SHe tosses adn turns, and props her legs on the railing of her crib, etc.

Lysandra said...

Sleeping on your back it good for yur face. I just read that it keeps you from creating creases on your face with can pull and tug your skin creating wrinkles...unfortunately I sleep on my tummy and side only.

Jill said...

I sleep on my side most of the time, right now I would sleep in any position to get a good night sleep.

KBG said...

I'm a tummy sleeper, and both of my kids were as well (I know, I'm a BAD, BAD mother, but it is the only way they would sleep). My husband, on the other hand, could probably sleep standing on his head. He is the least picky sleeper I've ever met. Falls asleep anytime, anyplace.