Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Weekend
Saturday we spent the majority of the day out in Prundale celebrating Etta's friend Charlie's 2nd Birthday! There were just a few kids (Etta and Chloe the only girls!) and they kept themselves entertained for hours. The adults were able to play Mexican Train for quite awhile before the meltdown began at about 3pm. Etta was great. She ate entire piece of veggie supreme pizza and them most of a piece of cake. Normally it's just the frosting but it turns out she likes chocolate cake with Bavarian cream. Who wouldn't?

The Birthday Boy

Since we had a time change Sunday we ended up turning the clocks back Saturday night and ended up adjusting pretty quickly. I'm all about schedules and was freaked out about having to put Etta to bed at 9pm instead of 8. The girls are having a hard time waking up as early, but they are doing well.
Sunday we ended up making the early service which was really hard. No only because of the time change but because Eric and I had several glasses of wine. Doesn't make for the best night of sleep. However, since we still had a good portion of the day left we were able to take a walk around the beach and let Etta play around. She loves DIRT!
Playing at Seaside Beach

Chloe's first time at the beach

Etta and Chloe continue to enjoy taking baths together. Sometimes Etta's splashing annoys Chloe and ends up screaming until she is taken out. Plus whenever Chloe has a bath toy Etta decides that is the exact toy she wants to play with. She still doesn't get the concept of share. I'm sure we'll be battling that for another 16 years!

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Just the Sous Chef said...

Oh Christy, LOVE the pic of them in the tub together!!! SO CUTE! You have really gotten the hang of that camera, the pics are all beautiful! L had the same beach hat Cloe is wearing, I will have to find it for Miss E this summer.