Monday, March 10, 2008

Movie Monday

We finally finished the Japanese movie Adrenaline Drive. It wasn't bad at all, kind of funny. We noticed the cheesy movie music throughout. But otherwise it was entertaining.
The only other movie we watched together this weekend was Sydney White. I'm not sure if it was the wine we were drinking but we really had fun watching it. The target audience is definitely the younger crowd but we enjoy watching Amanda Bynes. She has the cute funny down really well. For those of you now familiar with Sydney White, she is an incoming college freshman rushing (not sure if that's the appropriate term...I am not familiar with Greek life) for a sorority that her mom was in. The president of the sorority sees that her ex has the hots of Sydney and ends up not letting her in the sorority. The seven outcasts down the street take her in and they then decide to run for student council to take power away from the Greeks. It's pretty cute. The only thing that annoyed me was her hair. You'll understand after watching it.
Friday I was able to watch Jane Austen's Book Club in bits and pieces. Now, I love all of Jane Austen's books and I watch any movie that has anything to do with her or the books she wrote. I couldn't let this one escape me either. It was fun seeing that each of her books kind of represents a club members' life. If you aren't into Austen's books though, it may be a little dull. So, you can skip this one unless you love Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, and so on.
The girls and I are leaving this Saturday for three weeks so I have one more movie that I need to watch before leaving...We Own the Night. I'll post about that next Monday. Did you watch anything this weekend? What did you think?


Just the Sous Chef said...

LOVING your Monday Movies, I may have to steal your idea for my Blog too ... that is, if DH and I can ever finish a movie, LOL! I am going to check out some of these fun movies. And wine??? Mmmmm, that sounds good right now, it has been way to long since I got to enjoy wine and a movie!

Jen said...

Email me your schedule so we know when we can see you!

Debbie'sDailyDose said...

I thought Sydney White was a cute movie too :o) I also like hearing about your Monday Movies. Good idea.

klstowe said...

Hi Christy!

This is Kristie Stowe -- we used to be neighbors on Cholla Street back in Arizona, and you came to visit once after I moved to California. I saw you on MySpace and tried to message you but it seems that you haven't been on there. How are you doing? Your daughters are so cute! I'd love to hear from you and catch up if you have a chance!

Kristie Stowe