Sunday, March 02, 2008

As Requested

My mom seems to be sad when I blog without pictures of grand babies. Since I haven't blogged about the girls lately I suppose it's time. There are just so many pictures to go through, it's hard to narrow it down to put up my favorites. So, here are the last few weeks of our ever growing girls.
Chloe sitting pretty

Etta playing keep away from Maggie
Impromptu photo shoot with Chloe- shy girl

Grandma and Grandpa's visit
Walking at the beach
Trying to keep up with the adults
Chloe hanging out in the stroller
Little story- We went to a get together with other Olmsted scholars here in Monterey last weekend. One of the guys brought a bunch of cupcakes. All the little kids went crazy for them and he insisted on people taking some home. I brought one home for Etta to have the next day and she took about 20 minutes to eat the icing. Just icing. I have about 50 pictures and it was hard picking out which ones to put on here. If I had my way, they'd all be up here because they are hilarious.

That concludes this short blog. If all goes well tomorrow, I'll blog about movies!


Tara said...

SUPER cute pictures!! Your girls are so adorable...and growing so fast! I love that last pic of Etta and her cupcake.

Air Force Family said...

Oh, I love all the pics of the girls. The pics of Etta eating the cupcake are too cute!