Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Japanese Language

As most of you know I took Japanese 101 at Monterey Peninsula College last semester. It was brutal on us, especially Chloe since I was exclusively breast feeding her. Anyway, it was three nights a week plus squeezing in studying and homework with a brand new baby and toddler. Which ment I stayed up late and got up early. Lets just say those months were extremely tiring and stressful on Eric and I. While I was at class Eric would take care of the girls and didn't get much studying or homework done those nights. I would take the kids to Officer Christian Fellowship Thursday nights just so he could get a few hours of uninterrupted studying. By the time we got to the weekend (which came extremely fast) we were too tired to do anything and had to clean up the house and do laundry.
I learned a lot about Japanese in my short few months at MPC and ended up with a 99% in class. I figured if I got anything less then it would tell me that I'm not trying hard enough to learn the language that I'll be speaking later this year. Once my Christmas break started life seemed so stress free. Chloe started going to bed earlier (since I didn't have to wake her up for a bath and another feeding at 8pm), Eric was able to come back to OCF, and I wasn't a frantic mess getting dinner on the table, feeding a baby, and getting to class on time. Life had been so good that I decided not to take the next Japanese class which starts next week. Instead, I got a tutor!
In my class we had a regluar teacher assistant that lived in Japan for quite a few years and pretty much speaks it fluently. She was pretty friendly and easy to talk to in class. I had mentioned several months back that I would be interested in tutoring and she said she would do it. We only meet one hour a week but she gives me questions that I'll be asked for different situations and my possible replys. I'm not learning nearly as much as if I was taking the next class, but it's a pretty good alternative, especially since she is only charging $10 a lesson. The only downside is she's probably moving in May. So, I may not be able to speak it well when I move to Japan this coming August/September but I'll at least make an attempt!
Do you have any good stories about speaking another language or an attempt to speak another language?


Debbie'sDailyDose said...

Congratulations on your 99% in class! I'm sure it wasn't easy with all the extra and daily things you had to do...your hard work paid off. Good luck with the tutor.

Tara said...

Wow, kudoes to you!! I know any Asian language has to be very challenging to learn and it's awesome how well you've done considering all the other responsibilities you have.

The only story I have is from learning French. I'm not fluent by any means, but I do know a bit and it's the only foreign language I have any real knowledge of. Well, when I went to Peru I tried learning a bit of Spanish. I would think of what to say in Spanish, but when I went to say it, it came out in French!! The Peruvians thought I was a crazy American. :-)

Anyway, that really made me admire anyone that can speak more than two languages! I couldn't keep more than two organized in my brain.

How exciting that you'll be in Japan later this year! It will be fun to hear all about it.

Lysandra said...

Your life is so unbelievably busy!!! Tired just from reading your blog!