Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Earth to Christy
Where in the world have I been? I swear I could blog but I don't. I end up watching something like Deal or No Deal because it's nice to veg and actually see a full show rather than snip its which is what I normally get throughout the day. Anyway, tons of things come to me that I could blog about and then later think the idea was stupid. For example, selling Eric's car. Who wants to read about that? Anyway, if you have any suggestions we are having a hard time getting rid of it. Then I thought about blogging about the girls being sick; not much to it other than snot and coughing. Oh well. So, lets see what I can blog about today.
Chloe had her 6 month check up, even though she's 7 months. Anyway, she's 17 pounds 7 ounces and I think 28.25 inches long. It's sad when I can't remember and we just had it done this morning. I feel so bad because I had everything commited to memory for Etta and now I'm like this. Shameful! Anyway, the doctor said her skull is looking great and that he has absolutely no concern for the side that was really flat when she was only two months old. He said only mommy will know it's there. I also asked about craddle cap because she still has it. My mom told me one part Listerine one part water and it seemed to help a little bit. He laughed when he heard that but just told me to leave the soap on her head longer or baby oil before washing. Anyone else have suggestions?
Below is a picture of Chloe hanging out at the Dennis The Menace park here in Monterey. It's just down the street and we try going there every once in awhile with Daddy and Etta.

Chloe has now upgraded to the pool. She loves it! Especially the kids pool because it's slightly warm. It's like a big bath! Also, Etta wore floaties for the first time this weekend and she loved floating in the big pool. She unfortunately swallowed a lot of water so she's not completely ready for floaties. She's also jumping into the little pool. Sometimes she doesn't make it and smacks her butt on the edge. Ouch.
Chloe is also taking a bath like a big girl. Etta loves having her in there but she gets a little rough at times so Chloe takes a quick bath then leaves Etta to play by herself.

Oh yeah, Etta loves her new Baby Bjorn toilet seat. Now if she could actually pee in the toilet, that would be nice. Eric's parents are coming out tomorrow through the weekend. I'm sure I'll have something to blog about after that!


KBG said...

Glad to see you're still alive. Sorry I can't help with the car selling thing - ours went unbelievably easy. And my sister used some crazy expensive organic shampoo for cradle cap. I'll ask her later today and get back to you on it!

Lysandra said...

Ok...I used a cradle cap shampoo on Mikey and it didn't work for him. What did you ask? I used the old fashion rememdy of baby oil. Just massage it into the scalp before bath time. Let it sit just for a few minutes. Next, wash hair with a dandruff shampoo. Head and Shoulders worked for us. We just went to Wal-Mart and bought the little trial size bottle. Obviously be careful when rinsing so it doesn't get into her eyes. I think I did this for 2 of Mikey's baths before it was over. Hope that helps!

Once Upon a Dream... said...

Enjoyed your blog and glad to know a little about you. Didn't see you at PWOC and call and just haven't heard back, so it was nice to visit your blog and know that you are still alive!!! lol

What kind of car is it?
How are the girls doing?

The girls are getting so big. We need to get together and let the girls play before you move.

KBG said...

Hey - finally asked my sister, and she said the BEST stuff ever for cradle cap was Mustela Foaming Shampoo. She said it's $13/bottle, but that a little goes a long way and it lasts forever.
Here's the link: