Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wow Politics

Normally I'm not one to keep up with politics but I do have to say this year's primary has been anything but dull. There is a lot of focus on the democrat party, rightly so since the top two candidates are female and African American. Luckily I don't have to choose between the two since I'm not democrat, but I still think it's neat watching each state's primary. Especially since the New Hampshire polls had Obama ahead of Clinton in the double digits! I'm wondering if the heart felt plea from Hillary Clinton changed the minds of some voters? For those democrats out there, who has your vote at the moment?
I feel like the republican race is the more interesting of the two since there is no clear front runner for the party. After the Iowa caucus and Huckabee's surprise win, I just figured he would continue with the lead. I was completely shocked to hear McCain won in NH. We never hear anything about him on the news, not here in California anyway.
I'm registered to vote in Nevada so I went online to find out information for voting in the caucus. Looks like it is only in person voting; no mail in ballots or absentee voting. Wow, that pretty much screws a good chunk of the military! So, I suppose I don't have to worry about who to vote for now. I hadn't decided anyway, but I do like Huckabee and McCain. For those republicans out there, who has your vote at the moment?
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Jill said...

I also enjoy watching each state's primary. Since I am a democrat, Hillary definitely has my vote, if Obama had a little more experience especially on foreign policy, my choice would be more difficult I think. Still hoping Al Gore might reconsider. I kind of feel sorry for you Republicans. . because I don’t think you have much of a chance of winning the presidency, thanks to the current mess someone named George has helped create. It almost makes you wonder whoever gets elected, if they can change things around. Things that are important to me for this election is the environment, economy, education, health care/stem cells, the war and changing how other countries perceive us (sort of mending some fences.) Who knows there are still months left on the campaign trail.