Thursday, January 31, 2008

Terribly Two Cute Pictures

Well, the day has come for Etta to become a big girl...she is now two. We've noticed she is becoming increasingly more difficult because she just can't get across what she wants so we see lots of fits. But, I suppose it could be a lot worse. Especially since she puts on a great face for company or when we are around others. Good thing!
Her birthday was on Wednesday and we let her open up her two presents from the grandparents. She got a great sweater from the Winterbottoms and a Baby Jamz dance mat from the Bensons. I'll be taking that one to Phoenix in March so my mom gets to listen to it over and over and over...etc.
Friday I began making Etta's special ice cream cake. A friend loaned us a cute butterfly cake pan so I figured I would make a Deceptively Delicious yellow cake (with pumpkin and plain yogurt hidden), slice in half, fill it with ice cream, then decorate it with buttercream icing. It took forever. Let the cake cool, soften ice cream, put the top half back into the pan, put ice cream on top, but the bottom layer of cake on ice cream, cover and freeze. Then decorating was a whole other story. I made the icing, tinted it, and tried getting two bags ready before bringing in the cake from the freezer. I worked as quick as I could and even Eric came in to help get bags of icing ready but we still lost lots of ice cream. But, I knew it would taste good regardless.
Etta licking cake batter
Saturday came and we decided she could have her tricycle to play with. Here are her free helmet and knee pads from They are a little big on her as well as the tricycle. I bought this sucker because it was for 1.5 year olds to 3 year olds. Well, she's still too small for it. Her legs can barely reach the peddles. However, she still has fun moving it with the tip of her toes. We'll be putting the care bear bike away for a few more months.
We rented the Monterey Peninsula Gymnastic Center for an hour and a half for the party and it was tons of fun. Other than the down pour rain (good thing it wasn't an outdoor party) it was a great day. Etta had 9 friends come to play with her. Toys included a really long trampoline (which she enjoyed running down and jumping on), a maze, rings, balance beams, a parachutte, and a bounce house. Etta particullarly enjoyed the bounce house and trampoline.

The end result, a little asymetrical but oh so tasty
We didn't have enough time to open presents there which was a good thing, it took forever at home. She just wanted to play with the toy she just opened rather than open any others. hindsite, we should have let her open one a day for the rest of the week. Here are some pictures of her opening and playing with presents.
Daddy picked up the balloon while picking up a platter
A big Dora tent

Crazy house!
It's tea party time Daddy
Hope you enoyed the photos, we enjoyed the entire week celebrating!


Grandma Etta said...

Hi, Eric and Christy
This is Mary in Michigan with Etta; we're visitng her for her 92nd birthday and I showed her how to access your page on the lobby's computer.
She really enjoyed looking at the pictures of the babies--your girls are precious.
Best wishes to all
Mary, Jack and Etta

Jill said...

The cake looks soooo good!!! Happy Belated Birthday Etta!!

Cams said...

Happy Birthday to Etta and congrats on the great looking cake! I have done an ice cream center one before and could relate to your humorous story.=)
Oh, and best of luck with the Japanese. I am sure you will do just fine. Whatever you have learned and will learn will give you a heads up where others don't take the time.